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Wednesday 07/24/2019 #1572

Oh! Am I Haring? Hash @ Cherokee Park

Hash Trash:

A Tale of Two Circles
It was the best of trails -- which is easy when you just pre-lay over the Vagís trail.
it was the worst of trails -- a complete and utter lack of shiggy.
it was the age of wisdom -- one circle had the hares, the RAs, and the beer.
it was the age of foolishness --the other circle was clearly lame, I still donít know why we moved over there..
it was the epoch of belief -- the hares told us ďdonít take the eagle trailĒ, but who listens to the hares?
it was the epoch of incredulity -- the hares told us the truth!
it was the season of Light -- Weíve got visitors! And virgins too!
it was the season of Darkness -- you canít do a chalk talk in the grass
it was the spring of hope -- Beer near? Oh joy!
it was the winter of despair -- a half mile isnít Ďnearí.
we had everything before us -- not one, but two options for on-after.
we had nothing within us -- until a bunch of us went to iTap.
we were never going direct to Heaven, we are all going direct the other way -- flipping the double bird as we on-on into hell.

in short, this trail was so far like every other poorly laid, pavement pounding, sonuvabitch trail, that some of our noisiest hashers insisted on its being recorded, for sober or for drunk, in the superlative degree of comparison only. I canít wait for Bungle.

Quarter PoundMe


Free Mustache Rides: Fuck. I volunteered to hare for a Wednesday? I must have been drinking. I don’t do that. Fuckle Up, Buckers. Anyone stupid enough to barely scout a trail with a mildly thought out theme?

A few random hashers: I’d love to. I can be unavailable, and put in zero work.

Me: Sure… let me get back to you.

G Tort: I am available, but also will put in minimal work

Me: Good enough - let’s start “planning”

G Tort: Let’s scout at a bar, and scout in the A/C

Me: Here’s a Google Map with some circles, but hey, let’s still go to a bar. Planning done!

Shiggy: At best, you’ll have to jump over some downed trees if we have another storm between now and then, this is going to have pavement, parks, and particularly proper pony rides* (Pony rides unavailable this short of notice).

Trail will be walker friendly, wheel friendly, dog friendly, cat friendly. Probably won't need a cranium lamp.

Still reading this invite? Well here's a secret to reward wanks who don't just click the location link. There will be a surprise treasure stop, so if you want some random fun shit, maybe bring a cinch bag with you on trail, or we might have a half-assed one provided to the FRB.

Circle: Cherokee Park
3248 Lemp Avenue St Louis MO 63118
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/2vN7Mrn8gsZBphst6

On-After: Irish Corner Pub
1900 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO 63118
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/hFpasUxNXQeK1vaJ6
Only serves food until 9 though, unless we negotate later…. But if circle runs long

Alternate: Venice Cafe (Cash Only, but has cheap ass pizza).
1901 Pestalozzi St, Saint Louis, MO 63118-1722
+1 314-772-5994

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999