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Saturday 05/28/2022 #1698

Train To Glory/Methathon Hangover Trail @ Lafayette Park

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Train To Glory/Methathon Hangover Trail Circle up at the Southeast Corner of Lafayette Park. 12pm. Are you down because the Methathon has ended? Are you already jonesing for those hidden blowjobs, out of reach marks, and more special marks than should be found on a regular trail? Well too bad. I have a train to catch and a streak to keep. This'll be a fun trail, for certain definitions of the word fun. Expect fishhooks, checks, checks on checks, whichyways, thritchyways, and the hare forgetting the promises he makes here. One beer stop, with a stroller friendly walker trail (QPM guaranteed). A second hare to drive beer to the beer stop and back would be very helpful. I'll have the trail all prelaid by noon. ~ Quarter Pound Me $7 hash cash

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