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Saturday 03/26/2022 #1685

Green Dress Run @ Forest Park, Dogtown, The Hill

Hash Trash:

First GDR in three years during a pandemic AND we're all three new GMs? LOL NO PRESSURE. But real talk we had a blast, and we hope you did, too. This is the sentimental Thank You post, because this event would not have happened (and certainly not as smoothly as it did) without an incredible group of people who volunteered and gave support, advice, and time; at one point a hasher commented to me that I seemed really relaxed to be GM at a big event and I was like, yeah, all these people have done this before, know how it works, and can be trusted to get their shit done, I just did things like "hey remember when we had hot dogs, that was great," and poof, hot dogs. So ROLL CREDITS: Here's to HARES Ice Princess, Dos Hickeys, Disco Ass, Maybe It’s Meth, Betty Cocker, Jizzuit Priest (FINALLY), Fake Bake Fuck, Delta Anal Gangbang, and Colorado Cocktease! I heard folks raving/ranting about the trails to a perfect degree; if you wanted torture you got torture, if you wanted a leisurely stroll and a close-up look at a train you got that. Our beloved city was shown off perfectly, from a tour of a secret dump to a fighter jet overlooking dinosaurs to the fabled Death Bridge of Death, our hares brought the fun/terror/Uber. Here's to Three Inch and Feather, the wienermiesters! If you want your wieners hot and your buns soft, but have no idea how that should happen logistically, this is the dynamic duo for you. Feather also came correct with the beloved photobooth that saw too much (That poor, poor photobooth). Here's to QuarterPoundMe, who ORGANIZED his plans to RA a giant circle and keep things moving so even our attention span was respected. Here's to StrapOn and Quarterpoundme, without whom no tunes would have spun and no voices would have been amplified. Here's to KNIFEHAND, featuring our beloved Come It Out, with special guest bugler Disco. Here's to TSA, for driving the beer wagon and checking people in and giving so much to support a drunken shitshow even if she's not able to join in on the revelry. As soon as that person she and Tazed are working on gets finished we're gonna make it up to her by driving her around in a Uhaul full of all the beer she can drink and all the Phish tunes she can stand. So that's pretty much gonna be our entire September... Here's to Hummers, the clever, patient artist behind the toetags and art for the photobooth! Here's to DOS for those ridic meaty buns and fucking perfect cookies! Here's to Winey Bitch, Nurse Hashit, and Extenze For Men for celebrating their 60th birthday and freakin' WEDDING with us! Special shoutout to Nopanty Granny for the cupcakes, and the pack for perfecting the wedding song. Here's to best dressed winners Black Tar Bomber, Santa's Little Helper, and Just Marcus! And pint of lager to EVERYONE who brought their best lewks: fapworthy efforts, all. We cute. Here's to Purdy Mouth, for giveaways and pics! Here’s to the vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free folks for being kind about our lapse in taking care of them. 😰 We’re sorry that got left off the rego, we’ll do better. Here's to the visitors, especially Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, and Peoria for bringing their wholeass squads! We love you all, we can't wait to come to your events and steal your best ideas. #HasherFamilyIsTheBestFamily Here's to STLH3 for sharing their 2000th run milestone with us, and giving us the gift of Drunk Lucy RAing the longest ever circle! Here's to Ice Princess, for endless support and advice. Frankie and I were constant visitors to the Ice Princess Help Desk but she perfectly balanced letting us figure it out while still making sure we weren't going to fuck shit up too bad. She'd make a fine GM some day. Here's to Frankie the Dick Thrusting Pussy Eater, who even before GDR had perfected the art of quietly realizing shit we needed, making it happen, and then checking in with the report on the fire he just put out; but he turned that up to eleven for GDR. If you enjoyed hot and cold running fried chicken and a constant supply of beer/Bloody Marys/champagne, he was the wizard behind that meat curtain. He's true fucking blue. Here's to all of mismanagement, for the constant cleanup, and pitching in without being asked, and patiently telling people over and over again they needed to reread the safety announcement. All weekend I heard people raving about how smoothly everything went, and this was entirely because of y'all and your willingness to jump in and get work done. And course, thank YOU for coming, and hashing and drinking and dancing and laughing and being such a rad part of hashdom. Whether we see you every Wednesday or met you for the first time this weekend, we're glad you were a part of GDR and hope you'll come again. Love, Sweet Ho Alabama (with Frankie TDTPE and Purdy Mouth)


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