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Wednesday 11/13/2013 #1134

PMS & Headlights @ Maplewood

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


November is a month for giving Thanks and this week we have much to be thankful for.
First, thanks to the friggin' R.A. we're going to postpone the Beatles theme until we have some warmer weather.
However, we'll have some delicious and unusual beer this week.  Thank you Dicksmith!
Thanks to Headlights (and the R.A. again) Wednesday's trail won't be a death march.
Of course, you'll thank yourself for bringing a cranium light. 
Annnnd, we'll thank you Postage Tramp for a short circle.
Finally, thanks to the Hares and Cusumano's, we'll have $3 pitchers and $5 pizzas at the On-After.

We'll be starting in the vacant lot across the street from Cusumano's at 7147 Manchester Rd, Maplewood, 63143

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