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Saturday 02/13/2010 #841

Dewey Sexual System @ Mardi Gras

Hash Trash:

You can fit 6 adults and 2 midgets in an Altima…*

Things you should know about trail:
The PoPo was called before we even started trail.

Very little beer was consumed until the beer stop/circle because the hashers that showed up to the beginning were too blasted to drink it.

We showed up to Benton Park with the partymobile stocked with cold cans of frosty brew. Various hashers had already arrived, with several lounging in the grass and on the sidewalk due to a lack of suitable leaning options. We were introduced to visitors - Cums in 60 and Tranny Cock Kicker - who had been enjoying the fine Mardi Gras festivities in matching grey hoodies. Toxic Waste brought out some of his infamous beer collection. Running Nose appeared with his bitch in tow. Disco and Rudy had a body fluid removal contest. Ho Hum and Huggy Bear tried to remain upright. Just as the grope shot was being taken, Fiddle Her on the Roof and Fist in Her Furry Ass arrived.
Soon the pack was ready to take off. The hare, Dewey Sexual System (aka The System), explained that the pack must remain very close together and hold hands throughout trail.

Several overachieving eagles, including Fe Fe and Cock Ring decided to make their own trail and took off. Burning Asshole called a cab and autohashed the mile to Soulard. Trail was marked with pink chalk and porta potties were enjoyed. We picked up Full Service Ass Station and Just Tim along the way. And PMS, Postage and Dapper Sapper met us at the Beer Stop that was located in a secret location. PackHer Ass was waiting for us with cold libations and a warm garage.

Then a semi-neverending circle commenced. Just Kate E. was questioned, tortured and finally named – Open Mike Night, due to her story about getting lost and getting her Mikes confused. Just Brad L. (aka The King) was questioned, and named Free Mustache Rides, after his affinity for other people’s lip cover.

*…and still have room for one more midget.


Meet at the SW corner of Benton Park. I would recommend not driving, because I have no idea how parking is going to be. My guess is if you're venturing that close to Soulard you've probably been there all day, so get your drunk a$$ over to the hash.

Because of the Mardi Gras Nazis, I can't really lay trail in the boundaries of Soulard, so I've devised a plan to get us around that. Please see following SFW link: Human Slingshot 

You will need money and ID on trail. Please no bags or open beers before entering Soulard.

There will be a Turkey Eagle Split.

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Walking from Soulard? Take 13th, 12th, 11th or 9th South to Lynch, make a right, then a left onto 12th/13th. Take to Pestalozzi and make a right, a left on Lemp, stop at Gus' and get a pretzel and then make a right on Wyoming. To clarify, that was South to Lynch, right, left on 12th/13th, right on Pestalozzi, left on Lemp, right on Wyoming. Got it?

Driving? You can take 55 South to Arsenal, make a right, a left on Lemp and a right on Wyoming.

On-After: The Stable, 1821 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO 63118 (subject to change)

If you're lost or just feel like drunk dialing, call Dewey at 618-795-5305.

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