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Wednesday 06/09/2010 #866

PMS & Diggity Diggity @ Crestwood

Hash Trash:

I would like to begin by saying thank you to Popeye for being a hash flash extraordinaire.  The evenings all become a blur each time Rudy asks “she doesn’t have to drive home tonight…right?” so I appreciate the pictures to help me remember why I wake up with such a pounding headache on Thursdays as well as to help me write hash trash about a trail I remember very little about.        

The hares for the evening were PMS and Diggity Diggity (This I did remember!)   Special attendance prizes were promised to the first 20 hashers that showed up for tonight's events.  Given that there was a rather large turnout at the hash, I must not have been the only one hoping that the "special attendance prize" would be a chance to remove one of the many staples that Bend Over Granny acquired in his cranium at the previous week's hash.   To everyone's disappointment, his torn up cranium did not make an appearance tonight.

Here’s how the evening progressed:   Trail was described in a fabulous shade of purple by PMS and everyone paid close attention while Diggity explained how important it was that her box be retrieved from the jello shot stop and promptly be returned to her as she must have it for work the next day.   After some hair pulling by Lock Nut,  an awful exchange of pick up lines between Halley’s Comet and Shot by Whore, and lots of toxic bug spray inhaled by many,  we were off into the woods where we quickly discovered jello shots in an area that smelled of dead animal.  Shortly after leaving the beer stop,  we ran a little ways through the woods, crossed a bridge (I guess...since there's pictures of a bridge) until we soon reached the beer stop.   We ran past grant's farm as the trail led us to a bike trail where we were fortunate to see old men in biker shorts (lovely site).   Ran through a neighborhood and were harassed by a van full of auto hashers until the trail once again turned back into the woods where more beer was enjoyed by all.    Back to circle with plenty of daylight to spare. 

While waiting for the DFL's,  a competition to see who could do the most push ups was put on by Bozo, Diggity and Mother Abraham and meanwhile Barnstar was showing off her dry ice beer sculpture.  Those hashers who did 1 jello shot at the stop were called into the circle.   Still remains a mystery why we were called in for this one.   As Dewey already asked “wasn’t the point of the stop to actually consume the shots??”    There was 1 virgin (Just Katie) that joined us at the beginning of trail but she must have needed extra time out on the trail to learn all the marks because her and Shot by a whore were nowhere to be found for most of the circle.   Yours truly demonstrated a proper down down for the virgin and many drinks were taken by midgets.   It goes without saying who took home the hashshit once again for not running with the previous hashshit.   Here’s a hint… it went to the same person that didn’t have to drive herself home!      

Nothing too exciting to report from the on-after.   Burning has still not shared with us the names of the hashers that were sitting at his table.  



Hares:  Diggity & Pms

Start:  Whitecliff Park - Crestwood    9245 Whitecliff Park Ln, Saint Louis, MO 63126  (we're not sure yet which picnic area we'll be using, won't know till we get there and see which ones are in use.  LOOK FOR THE BIG-HUMP FLAG)

Expect:  Shiggy, Turkey and Eagle trails.

Wheelchair friendly for Lazy & Bend Over Granny?  Trail, not so much, but we'll provide a map to the beerstop which is wheelchair friendly.

Metro stop?  Nope
On-After:  Smugala's - 10150 Watson Rd. St. Louis, MO  63127  - Wednesday night $6 buckets and kitchen is open til midnight.

Diggity 520.907.1304

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