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Saturday 01/25/2020 #1611

Texas Hold 'Em Hash @ Brentwood, MO

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


In my short time at Big Hump, I’ve learned that Hashers are fearless individuals. That is why I was not deterred by the “Blasting Zone” signs on the road leading to a wonderfully obscure and desolate parking lot in Brentwood. Surely they don’t blast on Saturday? But I guess we’ll see.

What should you expect?

An easy, and well marked trail that meanders through suburban side streets, paved trails with bucolic vistas, scenic bridges crossing crystal streams, and a light sprinkling of shiggy so benign it’s granny-friendly. You can also expect beer halts and stops with premium beers and maybe even a special snack. To be honest, that’s just the plan, who really knows.

SPECIAL EVENT: There will also be, for those who wish to participate, one hand of Hashers' Texas Hold’em after conclusion of trail and prior to circle. There is no cost to play, and the winner will receive a full bottle of premium Booze. Details to be provided in chalk talk, but plan to keep your eyes open for poker cards on trail.

~ Just Sean

Circle up: 38.6095862, -90.3471717

On after is TBD.

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