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Wednesday 08/14/2013 #1114

PFL & Goldicocks @ Lingerie Hash!

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s the week of Bungle! Oh, and PFL is in town and wanted an excuse to run around half naked through the streets of St. Louis. That whore. What better way to celebrate than with a lingerie hash?

Join Goldicocks, PFL, and Shoeless Hoe Jackson as they take you on a raucous romp through The Grove. If you thought last year’s lingerie hash was the shit, you ain’t seen NOTHIN yet.  Beer ? Shots? Delicious treats? Expect all of that and more. Oh…and we guess you can expect a trail, too. We promise it won’t be too long…or hard.

So button up that corset, slip into your favorite nightie, or throw on your sexiest pair of pajama pants and let’s do this! Just don’t you dare show up in “regular” clothes…unless you really like being spanked.

And let’s all cross our fingers that Shitz shows up in that cuuuuute little teddy he wore last year.

Where: Chouteau Park – Choteau & S Newstead Avenue

Directions: We’re meeting at Choteau & S. Newstead Avenue. It’s 2013. Google map that shit.

On After: Just John’s

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