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Wednesday 04/16/2014 #1167

Free Mustache Rides & Beaner Wiener @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Where: Meet in the parking lot of the Schnuck's on Loughborough, right off 55.

What to Expect:
You won't want to miss this Wednesday's Free Mustache Rides Birthday Hash. Join Free Mustache Rides and Beaner Wiener as they, instead of baking a cake with it, will use flour the way nature intended it to be used: Thrown down all over the ground, trees, homeless people, and midgets, in a frustratingly backtracking and winding path that you are asked to follow if you like beer. Because fuck baking a cake. Unless that cake is beer. But then it wouldn't be cake, so yeah! Fuck cake.

Speaking of beer, one of the beer stops might just be growlers of really good beer that isn't Natty Light.

You'll start in the parking lot of some Schnuck's off the highway. Fifty Five or something. Loughborough exit.

Should also be a walkers/wheel-friendly trail.

Start: Loughborough Commons

Directions: From all locations, go to the digital map thingy and figure it out.

On After: Some hole in the wall on Broadway, probably.

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