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Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 74
Hares: 2
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 77
Appearances: 5
Hare Percentage: 2.60%

108/23/2006565Do My Butt & Bama Mate - The Gutter TrailNew FlorissantVirgin/Visitor
209/06/2006568Likes It Long, Liv Er Die & Bama MateForest Park areaHasher
309/13/2006570Whiney B!tchWestportHasher
409/27/2006573Keyless Entry & Bama MateColumbia, IL Just 5 minutes from South County.Hasher
510/04/2006574Viper Snatch & Sexorcist Catholic School GirlsClaytonHasher
611/01/2006580Turd Burgler & Famous AnusHasher
711/08/2006581Frankie TDTPEHasher
801/10/2007595Disco Ass & Huggy BearHasher
1001/24/2007598Princess/Bama Princess's Birthday HashFairview HeightsHasher
1102/14/2007603Hump Up The Volume & Meta ArseholeClaytonHasher
1303/07/2007608The Storm Revisited - Dapper Sapper & PMSSoulardHasher
1403/17/20076117th Annual Green Dress RunDogTownHasher
1503/28/2007614Any Cock, Tippecanoe, Dewey & PMSEdwardsvilleHasher
1605/16/2007624Pi Hole & Norman BatesThe Birthday Penguin Hash-wear black and white formal attire or penguin regala.Hasher
1708/15/2007645Purple Muffin Stuffin's Birthday TrailFentonHasher
1809/12/2007652Mama's Ass P0rn & Postage TrampWebster GrovesHasher
1910/31/2007662PMS & Postage TrampHappy Halloween TrailHasher
2012/05/2007669CliffBangHer & Meta Arsehole & DeweySouth CityHasher
2101/09/2008676Dewey Sexual SystemHasher
2201/12/2008677Dewey Sexual System & GladHeAteHerEdwardsvilleHasher
2301/23/2008679Help Me I'm Wet's Birthday Trail & Bama & P-GenicWest CountyHasher
2401/30/2008681GladHeAteHer & Mamma's Ass PornHasher
2502/20/2008686Dewey Sexual System & HammerTongueHare
2603/05/2008690Pubic Head & Postage TrampHasher
2703/15/20086938th Annual Green Dress RunDowntown St. LouisHasher
2804/02/2008697GladHeAteHer's April Fools HashEdwardsville ILLINOIS!!!Hasher
2904/16/2008700Disco Ass & Mile High BallerHasher
3005/21/2008707Whiney Bitch & Dos HixxiesDos Hixxie's BIRTHDAY HASH!!!Hasher
3106/18/20087132 Fuck Cunuck, Lazy Ass, Plot My G-SpotTurtle Park Hippie HashHasher
3207/30/2008722Dewey, G-Spot, DMB & HummersGispert's Birthday is 7/31!Appearance
3208/27/2008729PMS and Duzzy CumBig Bend & Dougherty FerryHasher
3309/10/2008731Jack Rabbit Slim, PMS & F. Me Rudolph -Pajama HashDogtownHasher
3409/17/2008733Meta Arsehole, Help Me, Jack Rabbit, PornogenicCatholic School GirlHasher
3510/01/2008736GladHeAteHer & Plot My G-SpotHasher
3610/29/2008742Lock Nut Monster & Full Service A$$ StationMONSTER BASH HASHHasher
3711/05/2008743Help Me I'm Wet & StatueTory RapeHasher
3811/12/2008745Sexorcist & Just TimHasher
3911/22/2008747The Shot, The Spot, The Heater and The SystemBig Lebowski Hash!Hasher
4012/17/2008752Whiney Bitch & CeleryChristmas Time Primer with Hot Spicy Wine and FiresHasher
4101/14/2009758Stinky w/special appearances by DMB and TuTu!Birthdays! I'm talkin' DOWNtown!Hasher
4201/21/2009759Full Service A$$ Station & Purple Muffin' StuffinSouth County - Hessler's PubHasher
4302/25/2009767Stink PalmWestportishHasher
4403/14/20097719th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
4503/25/2009773Whiney Bitch's Birthday TrailForest ParkHasher
4604/22/2009779The Cum Family(Frozen, Duzzy, Goggles, It Out, Orgy Dumpster)Hasher
4705/06/2009782PMS & Toxic WasteHasher
4805/13/2009784Burning A$$holeGuess what?! Another hash with no theme.Hasher
4906/10/2009789PMS, OCD & Strap On (clap, clap) Strap OffOverlandHasher
5008/05/2009801Meathead & PostageFlorissant!!Hasher
5108/19/2009804Frankie TDTPE's 55th Birthday! Oh, and Rudy.Taming of the ShrewsburyHasher
5208/26/2009806$5 $5 $5Straight outta COMPTON (Heights)Hasher
5309/16/2009810Meta Arsehole, Pornogenic & Jack Rabbit SlimCatholic Schoolgirl Hash - Central West EndAppearance
5311/28/2009825PackHer Ass (from Shitcago) & F-SASBrentwood Park (corner of Russell & Bremerton)Hasher
5401/06/2010833Burning A$$hole and F*ck Me RudolphHasher
5501/13/2010835Dribble some Whiney on a STINKY B-DAY!Second Wednesday of the Year 2010 Hash!Hasher
5601/20/2010836Disco A$$ & So-SoKinlochHasher
5702/03/2010839OCD, Stink Palm and Just KateAppearance
5702/24/2010844Shot By A Whore & Gay BladeHasher
5803/13/201084810th Annual Green Dress RunHasher
5903/24/2010850Whiney & Dribble Between My LegsBirthday Trail: Dogtown-ishHasher
6004/28/2010858DMB, PMS and HummersChanges in LongitudeHasher
6105/12/2010861Whiney BitchSpring Park RambleHasher
6205/26/2010864Barnstar and SexorcistBarnstar's birthday trailHasher
6306/09/2010866PMS & Diggity DiggityCrestwoodHasher
6406/30/2010871Mr. (Postage) T and Norman BatesHasher
6507/07/2010872The Funny Boob and Fiery Butt TrailAppearance
6507/21/2010875SO SO and Diggity DiggityHi Pointe/Clayton/St. Louis, bitches!Hasher
6607/28/2010877Disco's 21st Birthday TrailHasher
6708/04/2010878Fat Boy HashShot by a Whore, Holateral, Jort DanielsHasher
6808/18/2010881Disco's Bungle Pre-lubeHasher
6908/25/2010883Adios, HammertongueTower GroveHare
7012/29/2010910Locknut MonsterClayton Shaw ParkHasher
7101/05/2011911PMS and Just GlennDowntown KWDHasher
7205/18/2011939DIECIOCHO DE MAYO!Whiney BAppearance
7206/29/2011948Free Mustache Rides & 2:19 From ChicagoHasher
7307/20/2011952Purdy Mouf & Shit on My ChestTower Grove ParkHasher
7408/03/2011955Dewey Sexual System!Hasher
7508/17/2011958Dewey Sexual SystemBungle Pre-Lube!Hasher
7608/24/2011960$5, $5, $5Near Southside!Hasher
7701/02/20131066Bozo and HeadlightsThe HillHasher