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Wednesday 03/07/2007 #608

The Storm Revisited - Dapper Sapper & PMS @ Soulard

Hash Trash:

The Storm Revisited

PMS and Dapper Sapper



Last fall our GM, PMS and our illegal alien, Dapper Sapper laid a trail in Soulard in honor of the reporter and photographer from the River Front Times.  While we were on trail we were blessed with a memorable thunder storm.  Luckily none of us were injured during the August storm so the hares decided that we should tempt fate and try it again.  Prior to the storm last year I met I Wanna Ryder and several of her coworkers for beers at Nortonís before the hash.  In keeping with tradition IWR, Just Patrick and I started the pre-lube next door to Nortonís at Mollyís.  Several beers and a couple of shotís of Pearl later we made it to the pavilion next to the Soulard Farmerís Market.  Postage Tramp circled everyone up.  We were pleased to see Lazy Ass reappear from winter hibernation.  Follow The Urine Trail won the daily double and was recognized as both FRB and hashshit recipient from the last hash.


After chalk talk we circled and groped and then groped some more just to be sure that nobody was left out.  As the pack was departing Whiney Bitch the late cummer showed up.  The trail took us across 9th street and to our first check.  Long Duk Dong searched across Hwy 55 with no success.  Eventually Duzzy Cum used all of his experience from his previous 280 hashes and found trail down an alley.  Do we have hash gifts for 300 hashes?  We meandered past Ferraroís New Jersey style pizza to another check in front of the Great Grizzly Bear bar.  It was in front of the Great Grizzly Bear during the August storm that the pack gave up all remaining hope of finding more dots in the 60 MPH winds and sheets of rain and went directly to the beer stop.  After more wandering the trail lead us to beer stop number one, Trumanís Place.  During the summer storm the wind knocked down a wall at Trumanís collapsing the roof.  Renovations were recently completed and it certainly seemed like an appropriate place for a beer stop.  Much celebrating occurred and cold beverages were enjoyed by one and all. 


Departing Trumanís the hareís laid a monster segment of trail for all of three blocks to The Catís Meow and beer stop number two.  The Catís Meow is a long time hasher friendly bar and was where most of the hashers rode out the summer storm as the power went out.  If you remember the article this is where Whiney commented that the wet clothing made for some great nippleage.  Unfortunately itís still winter in St Louis and everyone was wearing far too much clothing for any sightseeing.  Any Cockíll Do did flash some fantastic lace and frilled panties.  Hey, how come those didnít end up with the underwear collection on my ceiling fan?


 OK, pack away to beer stop number three at La Casa de Meta.  The courtyard at Metaís was the start of the summer hash, we also circled up in the street after the storm uprooted trees and shrubs and flowers.  The old hag who accosted us last summer with a cigarette in one hand and a tumbler of scotch in the other was apparently preoccupied last night.  Itís funny; Iíve lived there for three and a half years and Iíd never seen the Battle Axe previously or since.  Maybe she was a figment of our imaginations?  What wasnít a figment were the Hurricaneís that Dewey and Bama were passing around.  Mighty tasty.  We almost drank the cooler dry and were off once again this time back to the pavilion for circle.


Circle consisted of the usual crimes and misdemeanors, both real and imagined.  Backsliders were recognized including Disco Ass and Muppet.  Somehow they got away without Keyless.  The rest of us were not amused.  We had a very lively group of virgins who provided hours of entertainment.  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and in this case it was a squad car of St Louisís finest who decided that we should go elsewhere.  Any comments from the on after will have to be gathered elsewhere as I didnít attend.


Iím hung-over and am going to get back to work so I can take a nap on my desk.




Click here for Map

We'll meet at the Pavillion at Lafayette and 7th next to Farmer's Market.

From 44 and 270 - go east on Hwy 44 to 55 north.  Merge onto Park Ave via exit 208 to 7th Street.  Turn right on S 7th Street.  Turn left at Lafayette. 
From the Dark Side - take 64 west toward St. Louis.  Merge onto 55 S via the I-44 W/55 S exit 40C.  Take the 7th St exit 208.  Turn left at 7th and left at Lafayette.

For more info or if you get lost call Postage Tramp at 314-761-1784.

On-after:  Probably Hammerstone's but that's not etched in stone.

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