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Wednesday 01/14/2009 #758

Stinky w/special appearances by DMB and TuTu! @ Birthdays! I'm talkin' DOWNtown!

Hash Trash:

Confidential to Just Heidi:  YOU ARE A F—KING GENIUS.  And yes, Burning Asshole and I are navigationally retarded challenged.



IT WAS COLD, OKAY?  DMB is a big, fat liar. 


The pack met at our favorite non-functioning fountain/bathrooms near InBev/A-B.  Several hashers showed up pre- and post-trail in street clothes.  They be known as pussies.  Seriously, Holay is from CA and Just Heidi is from AZ (albeit Flagstaff) and they didn’t die or have any important body parts fall off.  To my knowledge.


Since I was DFL the entire trail (thanks, P-Genic for not abandoning me in the ‘hood before the beer stop), keep in mind that most of the trash will be based on rumor and hearsay.  Feel free to make corrections below.


The first portion of trail was supposed to take us through a Coast Guard area:  Stink Palm had an Uzi pulled on him by a “cop” so the rest of us were unceremoniously turned away.  EXCEPT Celery and Whiney Bitch who managed to sweet talk and/or promise favors in exchange for a chauffeured tour of the area.  Huh.


On to Scotty’s, which looked like a regular Southside bar from the outside, but was truly craptacular on the inside.  I must admit, the beer can Xmas tree was fantastic, just like Grandma Celery used to have (sniffle).  GladHeAteHer commandeered the jukebox as usual, so we had shiteous righteous tunes.  Things noticed behind the bar:  hair spray, several prescription bottles, Fixodent.  On-out.


Apparently there was a marked trail.  Somewhere.  But the 3 Stooges (myself, BA, and Just Heidi) figured we knew where to go.  Or we decided to add a mile or two to the trail since we were enjoying the weather so much.  It’s a bit hazy, but Zenmistress Heidi did finally manage to get us back after circle had commenced.


The circle was the usual clusterfuck hub of excitement.  Beverages were consumed, hashers huddled, songs were sung, Cuffed the Great Orgasm tackled, Stinky got hashshit and everyone swung low.


Preposterously late,

I Have a Dick


Big thanks to Sexorcist for providing Little Hotties for all.  Which isn’t as exciting as it sounds.


TuTu Fairy – nice to meet the guy who can make Stink Palm have a man-crush.

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