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Wednesday 09/13/2006 #570

Whiney B!tch @ Westport

Hash Trash:

Another large hash herd gathered in West County at the Dorsett Inn. Our hare, Whiney Bitch, failed to notify the bar owners that their parking lot was being taken over by a mob (and that we'd be bringing in about 40 hashers to the on-after). That's minor compared to the fact Whiney didn't bother to bring flour or chalk and was that Numb Buns old van that he was driving??? After scrounging supplies, Whiney was off to set trail, while the rest of the pack went about naming Just Doug. Several names were suggested (by the way kids, Dig Dug was a video game from the 80s), but the overwhelming favorite was Cliffbanger, which has now morphed into Cliff Bang Her. We are soooooo clever. Next Just Licia (can we work Licka into her name) was quizzed about her misspent life. Also, Cliff Bang Her, Pees Like a Princess, and Do My Butt were welcummed into mismanagement as Co-Webmeister, Hash Flash, and Hash Flash.

Now the pack the was off. Trail took us down Dorsett and into an industrial park and back out to the roads. After a nice long jaunt, trail took us through Westport. This is where it is nice to be in the front of the pack. The FRBs stir up some sh*t and the next wave of hashers get to deal with the fallout. Q - "Why are you running?" A - "For Beer". That should be a good enough response for anyone. Beer stop was at a pond otherwise known as a goose poop farm. Just Jennifer was serenaded by Bama with the allouete song. She is either a hasher for life or due for a number of sessions with a therapist. Of course therapist is just a contraction for the rapist.

The pack was off again. Some were lost when trail crossed. I believe this was Whiney's virgin trail. There was a noticeable lack of pink chalk (Don't use pink chalk, I can't see pink chalk at night, whine,whine, whine, whine............) on trail. Anyway, everyone eventually made it back to the start. Multiple accusations were made. Credit should be given to Bama for calming Just Chris Elliot down. Now all we need is someone to calm down Bama. Hashit went to Do My Butt for eating peanuts off of the ground.

On after was at the Dorsett Inn.

More to come.....

Eat a BB


Just Doug is getting a name!!!

Big Hump H3 - Trail # 570
When:  Wednesday, September 13, 2006, Meet at 6:30 pm Pack away at 7pmish
Venue:  Westport Area, @ Dorsett Inn Bar & Grill
Your hare for this trail:  Whiney Bi+ch 
Turkey and Eagle Trails

Is this trail near a metro link station?:  No
From MO From I-270 and Hwy 40 take I-270 North to Dorsett Rd and turn right (east).  On Dorsett after Progress Pkwy and Weldon Pkwy (about 2 blocks) turn right into Dorsett Inn driveway and park in the back.
From IL (north)- From I-270 at Chain-of-Rocks Bridge take I-270 west to Dorsett Rd (just south of I-70) and turn left (east) under the bridge.  On Dorsett after Progress Pkwy and Weldon Pkwy (about 2 blocks) turn right into Dorsett Inn driveway and park in the back.
On After Location:  Dorsett Inn Bar & Grill
In case you get lost or need further directions you may contact Bama Mate @ (618)593-4175.

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