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Wednesday 09/12/2007 #652

Mama's Ass P0rn & Postage Tramp @ Webster Groves

Hash Trash:

Wednesday seems so long ago, does it not? I guess if I had written the trash properly, with hangover on Thursday, it wouldn't seem like so much time has passed. So I sit here, Monday night, sans hangover, writing soberly about days of yore.
It was in Webster, on the eve of the 12th and I fell in love with the Beer Stop. So much so that us walkers drank all the beer. It was glorious! But I digress.
The hash started well. Virgin hare Mama's Ass Porn received a new cloak to don on his run. Bright orange it was! Reflecting and shining in the moonlight! Co-Hare (Mentor Hare) Postage Tramp and he were off, like knights riding off into the sunset! A christening was to take place and now we will forever be graced with Hot Doggie Style! The pack followed and of this I took note,  CliffBangHer was dead last heading out, right before the band of merry walkers: I Have a Dick, Elbow Deep in the Breadbox, Lazy Ass (naturally), Dewey Sexual System, Pulls Rank and Flossit With a Faucet. That Lazy is a smart chap, getting all the ladies to push him around. Wink.
As we tra-la-la-ed along, we came to a beautiful park, the very park in which we were to stop and partake in splendid ales and wines. Hark! A beautiful maiden stepping out of the forest! Keyless Entry , alone and unguarded, led us directly to the fountain of which we partook plenty! Soon, others joined us, the next being Cliff, whom i pointed out earlier was at the rear of the herd. Interesting. but more on that minor detail later. We sat around regaling each other with trips of past and names were shared. Strangers became friends, over a feast of Stag and Steel Reserve. There seemed so few! Alas the hares were again on their way waiting with fevered anticipation to be chase by us hounds. Soon, the walkers decided to take their quest on back to the watering hole.
What is this?!? More hounds? Usual FRB were just now coming to the Beer Stop, after it had all been drunk and we were departing. The walkers then had a few tag-a-longs, Licka Good Neighbor, Wee Willie Winkie, Dead Squirrel . But why? Oh curses, but why!?! Apparently the hares left a few marks that had an "undetermined" status, but there was also talk of Prince Haley's Comet leaving untrue chalkings on trail. What actually happened this fair lady will never truly know.
We were now back to the start and my oil painting duties about to begin. I mean hash flash. I said "duties." Hee.
The knights and maidens of the round circle met and discussed the evenings activities. Virgins were introduced and we saw boobies! And manginas :( And some weird tribal ritual involving 2 males virgins, the removal of clothing and some combination of jumping, gyrating and humping. Each other.
All in all it was the best Roman bath I've ever been to! The orgy that followed was the steamiest, raunchiest thing I've seen in centuries!
Dewey Sexual System
for William (Call me Big Willie) Shakespeare
PS. I thoroughly hope this annoyed the shit out of you. A special shout out to Gladdy who nominated me to do this even though for once in 8 months I can claim I'm not slacking off and have to go to work. Love you all, hope to see you f-ers soon!


City: Webster Groves, MO

Address: 6 S. Old Orchard, 63119
Map link:

Meet in-between this address and the Roadhouse restauraunt.

Near Metro Link - There's a stop in Shrewsbury

Wheel/Walker Friendly - Yes

From 44 & 270 - Take 44E to exit #282 for Laclede
Station Rd toward Murdoch Ave. Turn right onto
Laclede station and then a quick right onto Murdoch.
In about 1/2 mile take a Left on Big Bend. Take a
left onto S. Old Orchard (go past the McDonald's).
Look on the left for Hashers.

From 44 (Downtown) - Get onto 44W and take the
Shrewsbury Exit (#283). Go south and take a right
onto Murdoch and then in about 1/2 mile take a Left on
Big Bend. Take a left onto S. Old Orchard (go past
the McDonald's). Look on the left for Hashers.

From 40 & Hanley - Take Hanley south (Exit #32a).
Hanley turns into Laclede Station. After a little after
2mi take a right onto Big Bend. Take a left onto S.
Old Orchard (go past the McDonald's). Look on the
left for Hashers.

On After: Weber's Front Row

In case you get lost or need further directions, contact Mamma's AssPorn @ (314)703-7804.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999