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Wednesday 07/30/2008 #722

Dewey, G-Spot, DMB & Hummers @ Gispert's Birthday is 7/31!

Hash Trash:

The 10 things that I remember about hash #722 in no particular order


  1. Nothing after 8:46pm!
  2. It rained.
  3. I drank too many chocolate cake shots that didn’t actually taste like chocolate cake but were very tasty nonetheless.
  4. “Slash” got named OCD but there’s come confusion about what OCD actually stands for but I voted for Orgy Cum Dumpster.
  5. Dewey got hash shit again but I’m a little fuzzy on why.  She also got her 69 cranium band.  But that's all I remember on the significant runs.
  6. Whiney owes me $5.00.
  7. There was a trail?  I drove.  I am sure it was a delightfully shitty trail.
  8. I think we all dropped acid at some point because I don’t think that I am alone in my lack of recall.
  9. Gladdy mumbled through a SpongeBob-ish like song.
  10. I went to the on-after, saw some sort of drag show/karaoke madness, left the on-after and somehow made it home. 

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