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Saturday 11/22/2008 #747

The Shot, The Spot, The Heater and The System @ Big Lebowski Hash!

Hash Trash:

There's no possible way I have enough time this week to write a creative
and interesting trash.  I did give Gladdy my serious look when I was
shaking my head "no."  Sunday of course was a football day..and maybe
some people underestimate what I mean by that.  And this is the busiest
week of the year in the office for me.
So, it is what it is.  It was a Saturday, it was cold, cloudy and
breesy.  Some people really got into the theme of Big Lebowski.  I was
impressed.  The only thing from trail I remember is the BJ not marked
properly, then trying to zen back to the real trail, climbing down a
cliff with brambles right over Keebler Road.  Then running up and down
hills, sweating and an annoying dog chasing me.  I came "this" close to
executing a 4th and long play on his ass.
After about 45 minutes at the beer stop, the sweat had turned to ice and
as the hares were finally preparing to "away" I said to Gladdy,
"seriously, how much time do you need?  We all know the start is right
over there." and he says to me in Gladdy-ese .."oh ya know shushtslt hhtahthekt
get em drunk ..thensjtl  naskjkth cux I'm funnier when I'm
No translation needed...I knew exactly what to do.  A couple
minutes after the hares left, I called out "ON OUT!"  And we all went
the 300 yards to the on in.
Fuck it..let's go bowling.
So we did.
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