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Ovary Punch

Hashes: 139
Hares: 0
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 140
Appearances: 2
Hare Percentage: 0.00%

109/24/2011966OCD & Stink PalmWestportVirgin/Visitor
207/03/20131105Postage TrampBirthday Trail!Hasher
307/13/20131107OCD & Stink Palm'Taking a Break' Announcement TrailHasher
407/27/20131110Goldicocks & TrAInWreCK Cliff Cave Part DeuxHasher
508/17/20131115Bungle in the JungleHasher
610/12/20131127Follow the Urine TrailHasher
710/26/20131130Dewey and Goldicocks30 Years of Hashing in StL!Hasher
912/28/20131143OCD, Dos & IP's Gift Exchange Pub CrawlClayton CrawlHasher
1001/01/20141144GoldiCocks & TrAInWreCKHasher
1103/12/20141159Mc2:19's "Happy Birthday GDR Pre-Lube"Hasher
1203/15/2014116014th Anal Green Dress RunHasher
1303/22/20141162Goldicocks and TrAInWreCKHasher
1404/12/20141166Frankie TDTPESo CoHasher
1505/24/20141175Frankie TDTPEHasher
1606/04/20141177Headlights and PFLTower GroveHasher
1707/12/20141185Monistat & Hardly Ever CumsCarondelet ParkHasher
1808/02/20141190Tough LiverHasher
1908/09/20141192Queer Willie WinkleKenrick PlazaHasher
2008/23/20141195BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLEBird's Nest Lodge, Steelville, MOHasher
2110/25/20141208World Peace Thru BeerBeaner & FrankieHasher
2211/22/20141214Three Inch King & Donkey Style Tilles Park in South CityHasher
2312/31/20141222Trainwreck & GoldicocksNew Year's Eve Hash!Hasher
2401/10/20151224Stink Palm - Bday HashSt. CharlesHasher
2502/28/20151234$5 $5 $5Hasher
2603/14/201512372015 GREEN DRESS RUNCentral West EndHasher
2705/23/20151252$5$5$5 and D-BAGCarondelet Hasher
2806/13/20151256Help Me I'm Wet and Various Voluptuous VirginsMaryland HeightsHasher
2907/01/20151260Claim to Flame, Goldicox & Puke HaltShrewsburyHasher
3007/08/20151261Puke Halt & Purdy MouthHasher
3107/18/20151264Tough Liver 2015Mine La Motte, MOHasher
3208/08/201512692015 BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE!!Steelville, MOHasher
3308/22/20151272Annual HabitHash - $5 $5 $5 & Norman BatesCarondelet neighborhoodHasher
3408/26/20151273Dewey & IHOPHasher
3509/12/20151276Claim To Flame & Beaner WienerHasher
3610/10/20151282Funny BoneHer, Ice Princess & Peru-vit I Don't..Valley Park/KirkwoodHasher
3711/25/20151291Stink Palm, Eye Swallow, Fvck Me Pumps, Cum It OutSkanksgivingHasher
3812/23/20151297Pub Crawl - Ice Princess & Funny BoneHerThe HillHasher
3912/30/20151299Fake Bake, Postage & Ice PrincessKirkwoodHasher
4001/06/20161300Disco AssBridgetonHasher
4101/09/20161301PMS and Dos Lafayette ParkHasher
4201/13/20161302Stink Palm & Eye SwallowMaryland HeightsHasher
4301/23/20161304$5$5$5 and D-BagMaplewoodHasher
4402/13/20161308Princess Pussy Pants & Beaner WienerWest of SoulardHasher
4502/27/20161311LockNut MonsterHasher
4603/12/20161314Donkey Style & Three Inch KingHasher
4703/19/2016131616TH AN'AL GREEN DRESS RUNCentral West EndHasher
4803/26/20161318Frankie TDTPEHasher
4904/09/20161321Kibbles & Three InchHasher
5004/23/20161324Low Profile, Fartilatio & The Hebrew HammerHasher
5105/28/20161331Postage Tramp & Do My ButtFlorissantHasher
5206/01/20161332$5 $5 $5Old North St. LouisHasher
5307/09/20161340LockNut Monster Hasher
5407/13/20161341Goldicocks & Holy Thunder - Lingerie HashMaplewoodAppearance
5408/13/20161347Bungle in the JungleSteeleville, MOHasher
5508/31/20161351Puke HaltCrestwood/Sunset HillsHasher
5610/08/20161359Bell-Scott's Red Dress RunBelleville, ILHasher
5711/09/20161365Cum on the Record & Puke HaltVeteren's Day HashHasher
5811/12/20161366Three Inch KingChristy Park-South CityHasher
5911/16/20161367Puke HaltForest Park Hasher
6011/23/20161368Ice Princess/Funny BoneHer & their sex slaves FentonHasher
6111/26/20161369Stink Palm & Eye SwallowHazelwoodHasher
6212/21/20161374Beaner Wiener & Cum on the RecordTrail, Pub Crawl & White Elephant Gift ExchangeHasher
6312/28/20161376Headlights and Dewey Hasher
6401/14/20171379Ice Princess & Fake Bake FvckOverlandHasher
6502/25/20171388Tased and ConfusedHasher
6603/25/201713942017 GREEN DRESS RUNHasher
6704/08/20171397Second-Annual Fruhlingsfest West - Low ProfileIllinoisHasher
6805/13/20171404ICHY (10 yr. Hash Anniversary)Hasher
6905/27/20171407Splash Mount'Em & Licks and SticksHasher
7007/08/20171416LockNut, Dusty Box, & Another Dick In The WallHasher
7108/09/20171422Ice Princess - Bungle Pre-LubeAfftonHasher
7208/12/2017142316TH AN'AL BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLESpring Lake Bison Lodge, Potosi MOHasher
7311/11/20171442Bell-Scott Red Dress Run!!!!Belleville, ILHasher
7412/23/20171451Garage A TroisBenton Park, St. LouisHasher
7503/17/201814692018 GREEN DRESS RUNOverland, MOHasher
7604/28/20181478Fruhlingsfests (Spring Fest) - Low ProfileO'Fallon, ILAppearance
7605/09/20181480RoadkillBlack Forest County Park (Lemay near 303 E. Arlee Ave.)Hasher
7705/26/20181484Tased and ConfusedKirkwoodHasher
7807/28/20181497Ball Buster 2018Forest Park Southeast Hasher
7908/11/20181500Bungle In The JunglePotosi, MOHasher
8012/08/20181525DeweyAlton, ILHasher
8112/22/20181528Tased and TSA Xmas Light HashSt. Louis HillsHasher
8212/26/20181529Fake Bake and Dusty BoxIremaicaHasher
8402/09/20191538Three InchKosciuskoHasher
8503/23/2019154718th Annual Green Dress RunDowntown St. LouisHasher
8604/13/20191551Purdy MouthAfftonHasher
8705/25/20191560Vomit Comet & Is Your Refrigerator CummingHasher
8807/27/20191573A Tale of Two KittiesBlanchette Public Access Boat RampHasher
8908/10/20191576Bungle in the JunglePotosiHasher
9009/11/20191582Cocky Birthday TrailSoulard ParkHasher
9109/18/20191584Let Me See Your Pee Cock HashBlack Forest County ParkHasher
9209/25/20191585Mouthful of Fart and Frankie TDTPESouth CountyHasher
9309/28/20191586TSA's Six Hour Fun R*n HashTower Grove ParkHasher
9410/02/20191587COCKodile Undie & Pink Stink :NOMAD Trail #2987Chain of Rocks Bridge Parking LotHasher
9510/23/20191591WPTB/Fake Bake's 10 year analversary of hashingSublette ParkHasher
9610/26/20191592Eye Swallow and Just TheresaSt CharlesHasher
9711/06/20191594TSA and Tazed's Pumpkin Beer 2KFrancis R Slay ParkHasher
9811/09/20191595Onesie HashParking Lot behind Concord BowlHasher
9911/20/20191597Dewey & Gladdy's 7th Big Lebowski HashOlivette LanesHasher
10012/04/20191600Sixteen Fucking Hundred - Disco AssWillmore ParkHasher
10112/11/20191601Christmas Lights Hash w Beaver Chaser & Just MaddyFrances Park, St Louis HillsHasher
10212/14/20191602Just the Tick's Santa Hat R*nSt .CharlesHasher
10301/08/20201607Fatliner and Just SeanMaryland Heights, MOHasher
10401/11/20201608Hareraiser Under Duress HashBenton Park WestHasher
10506/02/20211623Purdy Mouth3843 Bamberger Ave St Louis MOHasher
10606/09/20211624Locknut: Unicorns on Trail8664 Olive Boulevard U-CityHasher
10706/16/20211626TSA Birthday HashChoteau ParkHasher
10806/23/20211627Dewey Birthday HashDeer Creek Park, Maplewood MOHasher
10906/30/20211629WhineyVago ParkHasher
11007/07/20211630Wood Record Lie to You (?)Grant's Trail Parking LotHasher
11107/24/20211634Twenty Years of Dick-Thrusting and Pussy EatingFrancis R Slay ParkHasher
11207/28/20211635Disco's 40+1 birthday hashVinita Terrace Area - Vinita ParkHasher
11308/04/20211636Strap On's National White Wine Day HashFlynn Park, U-CityHasher
11408/11/20211637WhineyShaw Park, ClaytonHasher
11508/18/20211639Maybe It's Meth's Cum Back TrailOak Knoll Park, ClaytonHasher
11608/25/20211640Triple DDes Peres ParkHasher
11708/28/20211641Trail and World Naked Bike Ride Watch PartyCherokee ParkHasher
11809/08/20211643PeePoléRiver City Casino parking lot SE cornerHasher
11909/22/20211646Meth's Recovery Hashbehind the SLU track on Lasalle stHasher
12010/23/20211653World Peace Through Beer Hash Tower Grove Park Old Playground ShelterHasher
12111/13/20211657Maybe It's Meth 12685 Dorsett Rd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043Hasher
12212/08/20211662Methy Holidays HashKing ParkHasher
12301/11/20231745Vomit’s TGS trailMcDonald Park, 4200 Utah St, St. Louis, MO 63116Hasher
12401/14/20231746Mouthwest’s Turtle TrainingTurtle Park, 6401 Oakland Ave, St. Louis, MOHasher
12503/25/20231761Whiney’s Birthday Hash & BBQOld Carriage Shelter, Tower Grove ParkHasher
12604/08/20231764Sweet Ho's Easter Keg Hash + Adult Easter Egg Hunt5026 Adkins Ave, St Louis, MO 63116, United StatesHasher
12705/13/20231771Frankie & Sweet Ho’s Homecumming HashWillmore Park pavilion #4Hasher
12807/05/20231782Bend over Granny & Disco AssFrog Garden, 2819 Chippewa, St. Louis, MOHasher
12909/09/20231796The Asshole’s Guide to Brentwood102 The Blvd Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO 63117Hasher
13009/23/202317997th Anal Always A Bridesmaids HashStatue of the Naked TruthHasher
13109/27/202318001800 Analversary!!! Dewey Sexual SystemTilles Park - St Louis CityHasher
13310/14/20231803StLH3’s 40th Anniversary Weekend EventCypress South Pavilion in Tower Grove ParkHasher
13410/25/20231805LockNut Hash’O’Ween 500 S Riverside Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301Hasher
13510/28/20231806Tazed & TSA’s Pumpkin Beer 2KFrancis Slay ParkHasher
13611/11/20231809Locknut Saves the Day! Love Park, 2239 Mason Lane, Ballwin, MOHasher
13712/13/20231816Frankie’s TrailFrancis Slay Park, 3100 McCausland Ave, Saint Louis, MOHasher
13812/20/20231817Christmas Gift Exchange Tropical Liqueurs, 4104 Manchester RdHasher
13912/23/20231818Festivus for the Rest of UsBrentwood High School @ White Ave & Stratford LnHasher
14003/22/20241837Green Dress Run 2024Forest Park Hotel, 5915 Wilson Ave, St. Louis, MOHasher