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Wednesday 06/04/2014 #1177

Headlights and PFL @ Tower Grove

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!



PFL's 3rd Anal Lingerie Hash 


PFL is BACK!  And what better way to welcome our sweet little frolicking-princess of a hariette back than with moderately cold shitty beers, lingerie and a bunch of sweaty groping wanks. Welcome back to the Big Hump!


Where to Meet:

PFL has been very busy frolicking from cake to cake since she arrived back in the STL, so let's meet at the Tower Grove Park Cake and give her an extra special photo to add to her collection.

It is located at:

The Piper Palm House

4256 Magnolia Ave., 63110


What to Expect:

Beer, shots, the elusive 'package check', definitely some headlights, maybe some puking, f*cking & leaving - all in all, a jovial good time!


What to Bring:

Your sexy lingerie. Don't make excuses, just dress like the sexy bitch that you are.


On After:

Mangia Italiano

3145 S Grand Boulevard, 63118 (just southeast of the park)

No need to worry about the length of circle, the kitchen proudly boasts that they stay open until 1:30am with over 40 menu items on their late night menu. The Hasher Special is $4.00 for a PBR & a slice!

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