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Saturday 05/26/2018 #1484

Tased and Confused @ Kirkwood

Hash Trash:

Circle: Global Foods, Kirkwood

Hare: Tased and Confused

RA: Stink Palm

(In)Significant Runs: Never Been Blown (5), Ovary Punch (77), Hardly Ever Cums (88), Licks and Sticks (122)

Beer Stop: Kirkwood Park Ampitheatre

Hash Shit #1: Greg LooseAnus (Almost getting Green Dress cancelled)

Hash Shit #2: Headcheese (Driving a cadillac station wagon to the hash)

Hash Shit #3: Dicksmoker (Not sure, we were off the rails at this point)

On-After: Club Taco (we wasted enough post-circle time to hit Happy Hour, 9pm-close)


This weekend has 3 days! Surely you can spare one of them to hash. Come out to Kirkwood and I’ll get you wet without having to use multiple water crossings.

Circle: Global Foods
           421 N Kirkwood Rd.
           Kirkwood, MO 63122

What To Expect: 3-5 Mile Trail, Turkey-Eagle Split, Pavement, Shiggy, Beer, Probably a Halt of some kind.

What To Bring: Yourself, More virgins (for us to lose and injure), a change of shoes is always a good idea

On-After: Club Taco
                200 N. Kirkwood Rd.
                Kirkwood, MO 63122

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