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Wednesday 01/01/2014 #1144

GoldiCocks & TrAInWreCK @ ???

Hash Trash:

It was an interesting evening as we burned everything we could find to try and keep warm as the snow piled up on us. Also the poor harriers had to consume two shot stops, a wine halt and a beer halt plus a beer stop. Lots o booze and a great time. We had a visitor (name?), Ovary punch, Frankie, Roadkill,ran trail. Locknut, Headlights and Stink auto hashed due to weather and a non walker trail. OCD hosted the beer stop and on after.


Iím assuming everyone is going out for New Yearís Eve and will be rolling out of bed by about 2:30pm the next day. The first trail of the New Year will be short and sweet with multiple short stops to refuel your alcohol bin and stave off that hangover thatís been wanting to rear its head since you woke up. There will be a walker and runner trail with some light shiggy.

What to Bring: Your hangover, shiggy socks, and New Yearís resolutions.

Leave Behind: The drunken shame of last year. Itís time to make some new memories!

Start: The YMCA 12521 Marine Ave. Meet in the front lot.

On-After: The Brew House

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