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Wednesday 09/11/2019 #1582

Cocky Birthday Trail @ Soulard Park

Hash Trash:

Happy Hashy Birthday to Colorado Cocktease, Goldie Cock, and Hidden Cow Cock. Today three of our hash ladies decided to celebrate their 29th birthday by setting a trail starting in Soulard..

It began with chalk talk on the grass and ended with drawling on the hares, standard mark except when they were not. The hares were away and only asked for a ten minute lead. This is the first time I every see Cow Cock run, well kind of run and then she is walking over the pedestrian bridge.

Five minutes later the Walkers are away, and today they will have Postage Tramp leading them ( I almost wished I was going with them but I thought the runners would need my trail solving Knowledge) And five more minutes, and we are off. Try Harder, Gaping Huge, and Vomit Comet take the lead over the pedestrian bridge and mess up some strange trail marking, and send us back to the start (we blame Hidden Cow Cock for all the confusing marks). Luckily Dewey and Strap On figure out to ignore some marks and we are back on trail , we are looking for yellow half arrows that look like a bird foot print and for a couple blocks, we find them. Then we lose marks and find the walkers on Park Ave, we think these might be our marks but after a check we can't solve (blame Cow Cock) we lose trail again, Whiney and Strap On go way around some building looking for trail, while Stink yells to us " hey are you looking for yellow half arrows that look like bird footprints,because there over there" . So we are back on trail, doing good,we hit a CB 5, no problem pick it up on Dolman curving around on to 18th street, and lose it again, we bounce back and forth from Chouteau Ave to Hickory we find Sundays trail but can't see the peach colored half arrow hidden in the dark alley ( we blame Cow Cock) Finally we are off. Tsa leads the pack South on 18th street to an Ice cream stop, Ah ain"t that just so cute.

We are at Clementines Naughty and Nice Ice cream. The hares are waiting for us, and the walkers, and Strap On. They are enjoying maple Bourbon ice cream. We were warned to bring money to buy are own, and I did, and it was good. Meanwhile Down Under walks by dress in Cilivian cloth, Like she was on a date or something and ignores us. Fatliner talks to a patron sitting near us about hashing, she seems interest but has Yoga at 8:00. Yoga 1 Hash 0.

The hares set out to set more trail, with a quick check at the end of the street, 5 minutes later the walkers are away, till they see the check at the end of the street, and look back at us and ask which way should they go. Trail goes left on Layafette then right on Tucker heading South, a check at Geyer a CB on Geyer (we lose Whiney again) find trail on either 11th or 12th heading south still till a left on Shenandonoah (nice down hill ) then a left on 9th At Pontiac Park the hares had water and Busch beer, then the walkers showed up, some riding scooters, and Whiney showed up. The last seven blocks were straight up 9th back to Lafayette, and the grassy corner next to the Farmers Market .

Sweet Ho leads the circle (She is getting very good ) and the Hares have another treat for us, something called a jelly donut but you drink it, or two. Some locals wander over and they were give a beer or two. More songs more jelly donuts, and finally Hash Shit went to the hares and their trail marking problem (it was all Cow Cocks fault), but then instead of doing a down down they flashes the circle with Colorado spinning clockwise, cow cock spinning anticlockwise, and Goldie Cock she spun, well I'm not sure it was over to fast and I was drinking more jelly donut. So the RA had to drink the down down beer, collected by Teased in bag of pickeled favored potato chips. From the way Sweet Ho did the down down, beer in a potato chip bag is not to great. Announcements were made, incredible stuff is coming up. and its time for Swing Low.

Thank You Hares, Goldie Cock, Crouching Tiger Hidden Cow Cock, and Colorado Cocktease

- Road Kill


Cum join Goldi COCKs, Colorado COCK Tease, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Cow COCK for the fourth annual Cocky Birthday Trail.

Bring: money on trail, your birthday singing voice, and some gifts for the birthday hares

What to expect: a walker/wheeler trail, a runner trail, a birthday treat, birthday excitement, shitty checks and a shitty trail(s). I wouldn't say lamp or shiggy socks are required but who knows...

Circle up in Soulard Park at the corner of Lafayette and 9th (near the entrance of Bogart's)
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/3hQu4knG88TeXRMr6

On After: iTap Soulard
1711 S 9th St, St. Louis, MO 63104
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/vAw3B5RM99gWZbLu9
Menu: You can bring in food from nearby pizza, BBQ, and tacos
Movie starts at dusk on the patio! Movie snacks provided, beer by Firestone Walker Brewing


Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999