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Saturday 07/27/2019 #1573

A Tale of Two Kitties @ Blanchette Public Access Boat Ramp

Hash Trash:

So welcum.to trail 1573.. or the trail.of satans nutsack. The pack was thinned but not defeated as many gathered to celebrate just the tick as she endeavored to take us to our highest high and our lowest low. The pack was blessed with two visitors. A soon to be transplant tri- harder and a completely lost east coast hasher tiny bubbles in my rear. Trail was discussed and blessed and the pack was away. The first leg of trail was met with a re-enactment of a hill resembling "how big is the lie" of a hill. Final after a near "amber alert" tit check and a bit more sun the pack was rewarded with delicious libations. .. conversation ensued and soon... part II of our journey was underway. Oh wait... lest we not forgot...the impromptu trail marking.

Quickly the pack was off on the second leg which well ... it was uneventful till we found the lizards and a beautiful puppy at the casa de tick. The tardis made an appearance and may or may not have received blessings from multiple hashers. As lizards were stroked and laughed shared the walkers were soon away again. This time those rac***st bastards decided no shirts were allowed for the final leg of trail.

The pack reconvened near the waterfront. We listened to a rousing verse of my name is jack from our visitor tiny blower in my rear, bungle was discussed and pretty much the whole pack went to Big A's for some delicious food. All in all a shitty trail with great people, delicious libations and a shit ton of pavement.


You've never seen as fine a pair of cities as St. Louis and St. Charles, one is a bit bigger than the other but that's normal and they're both lovely. Let's give the smaller one some attention and celebrate Just the Tick's VIRGIN HARING! This radass lady is going it solo and taking the pack on a romp through St. Charles, which was originally called 'Les Petites Côtes', from the sides of the hills that you see. Hashers love us some perky peaks.

Walker and wheel friendly, no lamps needed, no shiggy or socks. There will be a lizard stop.

Circle up: Blanchette Public Access Boat Ramp. Park in the gravel lot if road is closed.
Closest address: 1520 N 2nd St, St Charles, MO 63301
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/D7w5r6U5bEAXTBWG8

On-After: Big A's On the Riverfront
308 N Main St, St Charles, MO 63301
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/j8PFw8dDPT5rx15Q6
Menu: https://www.bigasontheriverfront.com/menu

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999