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Wednesday 12/04/2019 #1600

Sixteen Fucking Hundred - Disco Ass @ Willmore Park

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Four score and 1000 hashes ago, the Big Hump gathered in Wilmore Park on a cold evening. CliffBangHer led us on a wonderful south city trail and by the time we got back to circle, it was heavily snowing. We drank some beers and made some naughty snow angels before adjourning to the on after. Seems like just yesterday.

Anyway, this Wednesday is Big Hump Hash #1600!!!! Your faithful hares Rudy and Disco Ass, plus one special mystery hare, will pay homage to hash #600 by starting once again in Willmore Park. There will also be a cool giveaway to the first 50 half-minds to arrive.

Trail will be a wonderful jaunt, worthy of any milestone hash. There will be distance and shiggy for the eagles, scenery for the turkeys and walkers will be accommodated as well. There may even be some competitive shenanigans at the Beer Stop.

Recommended: cranium lights, shiggy socks for the eagles.

Circle Up: Willmore Park

Meat at the first parking lot you drive through in Wilmore Park - normally we circle in the far back of the park - not this time. When you enter the park from Hampton, you'll go down the hill and curve around and find yourself in the middle of a lot. See google map link.

On After: TBD

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