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Wednesday 12/31/2014 #1222

Trainwreck & Goldicocks @ New Year's Eve Hash!

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!



Apparently people have lives outside of the hashing community (Gasp! You all suck!), and make plans during New Years Eve... so Train and I are deciding to host a lovely, early and short Hash to get you all pre-lubed for whatever/whoever's shenanigans you're all going to be in later that night.

Circle will be meeting early at 5:30pm in the back corner of the Westport parking lot (111 West Port Plaza St. Louis, MO 63146). Late cummers need to be there at least before 6:00pm to catch the first BANG of trail.

We are looking forward to ending the shitty 2014 year with a shitty trail, specifically horse shit if you're the picky type.

On After will be dinner at Sushi Ai (12644 Dorsett Rd, Maryland Hts, 63043) and then you all are free to ring in 2015 wherever the hell you please.

Lots of love and New Years smooching to you all ~Goldie

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