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Wednesday 05/09/2018 #1480

Roadkill @ Black Forest County Park (Lemay near 303 E. Arlee Ave.)

Hash Trash:

Circle: Black Forest County Park

Hare: Roadkill

RA(s): Greg LooseAnus

(In)Significant Runs: Splash Mount'em (125), Frankie the Dick-Thrusting Pussy Eater (210)

(Very)Significant Runs: Just Jimmy S (10)

Virgin(s): Just Colton N (Cum on the Record) [joke]

Beer Stop: Lemay Park (beer went missing)

Mystery Alcohol Stop: Mississippi River Greenway (Kool-Aid and ?...still a mystery)

Hash Shit: Roadkill (Losing the BS beer, marks not in chalk talk, picking an on-after that doesn't serve food late enough, telling Dewey she can't RA because "you're a girl", etc.)

On-After: One Eyed Willies (except Whiney who went to The Korner Bar)


"Mystery alcohol halt."

"Bring a cranium light or die."

"Always bet on black."

These are all direct quotes from the hare; do not trifle with this guy. Also, something about a walker trail, but I can't recall: suddenly forgot how to read.

Circle up at the corner of Perrin Ave. and E. Arlee Ave. near 303 E. Arlee Ave. https://goo.gl/maps/1mKJybK7Q1S2

On-after: Fergie's on Lemay Ferry
(this place bangs, they serve brain sandwiches!)

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