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Laser Phantom Pussy

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 33
Hares: 1
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 35
Appearances: 13
Hare Percentage: 2.86%

101/12/20131068Stink Palm & Bozo's Birthday TrailSushi Saturday!Virgin/Visitor
207/30/20141189Help Me I'm Wet & Clifford the Big Red Pu$$yBallwinHasher
311/05/20141210Headlights & Claim's Happy Hippie HashHasher
404/08/20151242Midget Trail by Hummers, PMS & GarageHasher
504/11/20151243Kibbles and Three InchHasher
604/22/20151245Free Mustache Rides & Kibbles n' DicksBenton Park NeighborhoodHasher
704/29/20151247Mismanagement E'rectionsTropicana LanesHasher
805/13/20151250Puke HaltHasher
908/05/20151268How Do You Like My Pussy Pants NOW?!? Bungle Pre-Lube in Benton Park areaHasher
1009/30/20151280Disco Ass & Lack of OxygenThe GroveHasher
1112/23/20151297Pub Crawl - Ice Princess & Funny BoneHerThe HillHasher
1209/14/20161354Goldicocks, Colorado Cock Tease, Cow CockRichmond HeightsHasher
1312/21/20161374Beaner Wiener & Cum on the RecordTrail, Pub Crawl & White Elephant Gift ExchangeHasher
1412/28/20161376Headlights and Dewey Appearance
1401/25/201713819th Annual Hobo Hash - Gladdy & G-SpotHasher
1502/08/20171384Psycho FillHer & Tased and ConfusedThe GroveAppearance
1502/25/20171388Tased and ConfusedHasher
1603/08/20171390$5, $5, $5's Going Away FREE HASH!Clayton Hasher
1703/22/20171393McPostage O'Tramp - GDR PrelubeLafayette SquareHasher
1803/25/201713942017 GREEN DRESS RUNHasher
1903/29/20171395Tased and Confused Anniversary TrailHasher
2004/19/20171399MisManagement E'rections (Claim & IP)KirkwoodHasher
2105/24/20171406LockNut & Headlights Bday TrailHasher
2206/21/20171412Beaner Wiener & Disco AssDogtownHasher
2307/26/20171420Licks and Sticks!Appearance
2310/04/20171434Cum On The Record & Laser Phantom PussyHare
2410/28/20171439World Peace Thru Beer! By G-TortBenton ParkAppearance
2412/20/20171450Holiday Pub Crawl & Gift Exchange! - IP & FBHDogtownHasher
2502/10/20181461Disco A$$Appearance
2503/14/20181468GDR Pre-Lube / Beer Mile! ~ DeweyLafayette ParkHasher
2604/04/20181473Cum on the RecordAppearance
2604/11/201814745$ 5$ 5$Hasher
2704/18/201814762018-2019 Mismanagement E'rectionsTurtle Park/DogtownHasher
2805/02/20181479TSA7000 Northmoor Dr. St. Louis, MO 63105Appearance
2805/26/20181484Tased and ConfusedKirkwoodAppearance
2806/20/20181489Dewey Sexual System & TSAMaplewoodHasher
2908/11/20181500Bungle In The JunglePotosi, MOHasher
3008/22/20181502Tased and ConfusedDogtown / MaplewoodHasher
3109/22/20181509Mad HatterFox ParkAppearance
3110/13/20181513Record & PurdyTurtle ParkHasher
3212/19/20181527XMas Pub Crawl w/ IP, Dos, and FunnyBHSouthwest GardensHasher
3301/16/20191533Cum on the RecordTurtle ParkAppearance
3303/23/2019154718th Annual Green Dress RunDowntown St. LouisHasher
3404/03/20191549Dewey and RecordMaplewoodHasher
3504/24/20191553Mis-Management ElectionsDowntown STLAppearance
3511/13/20191596Gaping Huge Vagina & Come on the RecordRyan Hummert ParkAppearance
3511/27/20191599Blackout Wednesday Hash with TSAFranz ParkAppearance
3512/18/20191603Christmas Pub Crawl: Ice Princess & Sweet Ho & GHVCherokee StreetHasher