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Saturday 01/12/2013 #1068

Stink Palm & Bozo's Birthday Trail @ Sushi Saturday!

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Join Bozo & Stink for a shitty trail and some dead fish. All you can eat Sushi for $20 at Sushi AI. We'll need a head (who said head) count to let the restaurant know ahead of time.
Where: Schnucks parking lot, 2030 Dorsett Village, Maryland Heights, MO 63043 (Dorsett & McKelvey)
What to expect: Beer, Running, Stick in the Eye, Beer, Running, Beer, Running, Beer, Singing, Sushi
Walkers Trail? Yes, you useless wankers.
What to bring: Who cares, nobody reads this crap anyway. Or you might want to bring a change of clothes for the restaurant.
What your mom said last night: "That'll be $20"
What your brother said last night: "Mom never screams like that when I do her"
What your sister and the Arch have in common: People cum from all around to go for a ride and then are amazed at how many people can fit inside.

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Directions: Really?? Seriously?? Get a smartphone with GPS and stop being so lame. I mean Christ on a bicycle, my gramma at least has a droid and she's the lamest person I know. Fu@$ing half-minds.
OK, from 270 north or south take Dorsett west to McKelvey, pull into the Schnuck's parking lot and look for hashers.
On After: Sushi AI, 12644 Dorsett Road , Maryland Heights, MO 63043
And then maybe some other place when we roll our bloated bellies out of there.

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