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Roll Her in Flour

Big Hump H3 (St. Louis, MO)

Hashes: 25
Hares: 1
Virgin/Visitor: 1
Total Hashes: 27
Appearances: 3
Hare Percentage: 3.70%

508/24/2005492OpenSouth St. LouisHasher
608/31/2005494OpenColumbia, ILHasher
809/21/2005499OpenSouth CountyHasher
1010/12/2005504OpenTower GroveHasher
1111/02/2005509OpenValley ParkHasher
1211/23/2005513OpenSt. CharlesAppearance
1211/30/2005515OpenSouth CountyHasher
1305/17/2006547OpenNorth CountyAppearance
1311/15/2006583Sit N Spin/HycoxiaSt. CharlesAppearance
1309/12/2007652Mama's Ass P0rn & Postage TrampWebster GrovesHasher
1404/27/20161325LockNut MonsterShrewsburyHasher
1506/08/20161333Fake Bake Fuck & Beaner WienerCarondelet ParkHasher
1605/23/20181483Record & PastHer4115 Meramec Bottom Rd. (East Commuter Lot) St. Louis, MO 63129Hasher
1706/05/20191562Frankie TDTPEAfftonHasher
1807/31/20191574Fatliner's Supersoft Birthday TrailMaryland Heights, MOHasher
1908/07/20191575Locknut's 100th Hare8190 Lackland Rd, St. Louis, MO 63114Hasher
2009/25/20191585Mouthful of Fart and Frankie TDTPESouth CountyHasher
2106/23/20211627Dewey Birthday HashDeer Creek Park, Maplewood MOHasher
2207/14/20211632Just the TickSt. Charles, MOHasher
2308/24/20221716The Asshole WhispererMathilda Welmering ParkHasher
2408/31/20221718Bring a Virgin HashWillmore ParkHasher
2509/07/20221719Disco's 20th Analversary of HashingEileen Pfeifer Shelter in St. CharlesHasher
2609/21/20221722Cum in Sumthing HashPontiac ParkHasher
2709/28/20221724No Panty Granny Birthday TrailDeer Creek ParkHasher