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Wednesday 12/28/2011 #987

TSA & Just Alex @ West County

Hash Trash:

Since I don't RUN with the WALKERS very often, I'll let you know what goes on at the "HASH REAR."

First to run and leave, this hasher ran 3+ speedy miles through Ohlendorf West Park before the hash started (cause i thot i was tough nuf...lik LoK NuT). OH'lenDORF Pk is a nice place with some forest shiggy, grass fields, parking lots and playgrounds. I saw arrows sending the pack down Boyd Ln and Autumn Leaf Dr towards OHlenDORF Pk, AND PEPOLE got lost on trail near there, so we assume the trail went through there...ish. But this is about the HASH REAR, not the T/E, BN or BS we all missed.

Feeling wet, cold and sick from sweating and standing in the cold at "meet and cirlce" (my fault), when the pack was away I started out with the middle and quickly fell to the rear. Then by the end of the parking lot I was walking and feeling like puking again from the dash and circle suds (and Subway Sub) ...... and then the Walkers finally came ...... slowly, approaching the end of the parking lot like a cat to a stream.

This hasher needed an extra jacket and ear warmers to continue any further, so I ran back across the parking lot for my awesome BH4 300 runs Titanium Running Jacket. I warmed up a couple of minutes in the van, but between the smell of IMO's and the neon of Kriegers I went for happy hour specials and a stool instead of the Hash Rear.

But to my surprize, the HASH REAR had already backed into the bar and had a stool waiting. THE Walkers, MUD PACKER, ELBOW DEEP'N de BOX, and GOAT F'ER, had beers at the bar and a menu ... far ahead of this novice Hash Rear hasher. There was some weak discussion about "no light" and they "would have drove to the bear stop," but didn't know where it was (and forgot to ask). Mostly, I think they were afraid of a long, wet, cold and dark trail by the infamous hares TSA and deputy JUST ALEX (meaning long lines and trails).

We took advantage of the suds and appetizer Happy Hour specials (compliments and special thanks to MUD PACKER), and started the in house LIVE TRIVIA with a hasher team. All this time the Hash Rear squad was keenly eyeing the clock to make it out for circle when the pack returns. (Hasher Translation: They might be late to circle to stay warm and finish at least the FIRST Triva Round) Then PEPOLE returned having lost the pack by the park after going down Big Bend (including over the I-270 Bridge) and through the hilly subdivisions.

After Triva Question about 5 or 6 this hasher had to bolt, since the opposite of too much heat put me into a cold sweat and feeling green again. The rest of (all of) the Trail Tale will have to be told by others. HOWEVER, this Hasher can tell you that the HASH REAR is a nice place to be...especially when your quized during a hash "Why you're in the wrong (watering) hole?" ... and Packer's buying (thanks again MP).


ps. Sorry to TSA and JsAlx for bailing trail. Hope is wasn't too wet.


Next Week will be "No Pavement" being all on Wooded Trails" and some log crossings at the river and bluffs of St. Stanislaus Conservation Area in NW Hazelwood in the farmland. MARSHMELLOWS Promised.



What to expect: TSA & Just Alex will take you through a winter wonderland in west county.  Well, it will be winter and in west county, at least.  Bring cranium lamps, cold weather clothes, and dry shoes.  Possibly dog/walker friendly.

D'Erections: Take 44 West to 141.  Right on 141.  Right on Big Bend.  Take the first right into Big Bend Square Shopping Center.  Look for hashers by the old Schnucks building. 

Start: 1356 Big Bend Square Shop Center, Ballwin, MO 63021

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On After- TBD

If you need further assistance, contact TSA at 314.489.5006

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