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Wednesday 09/28/2011 #967

Rudy's Oktoberfest Trail. @ South City

Hash Trash:

As I sat here starting to write hashtrash for last night's trail, I realized that Whiney submitted a trash so I'll cut mine short....
Pms' perspectives on BH4 Run #967....

Our night began in search of Select 55.  Postage Tramp and I stopped at two stores on the way to the hash to no avail.  So we arrived to the hash under the assumption that it was going to be a drunken PMS night. 

First of all the hares decided it would be a good idea to start the trail from the same place that the 1st District Police have their quarterly meeting.  However, since it didn't prove to be a problem, maybe we should employ this tactic for all future Big Hump trails.  Very clever indeed Rudy!

Our hares for the evening, F*ck Me Rudolph and Tig Ol' Bitties began with a detailed chalktalk in hopes of ensuring that our umpteen virgins would be able to follow trail and then asked for a 15 minute head (who said head?) start.
Disco Ass ran much of the post circle down downs during said 15 minutes in an attempt to keep post circle short so we could adjourn to watch the Cardinals.

I think Postage was in circle for each and every pre-circle down down.  For at least two of those down downs Postage shotgunned a full beer.  Heheh, can you say Drunken Postage Tramp night?  This probably explains why he lost his keys last night.

Probably due to all of the new faces, Disco suffered a severe case of Kennel Confusion - during the grope shot he thought he was at the Tumbling Dice Full Moon Hash but during circle he thought he was at the St. Louis H3.

We had Backsliders, among which were Nurse Hashshit and Ricky's Crabshack It Was Only Once and It Was 23 Years Ago I Just Wanted to Point That Out

We had Virgins galore but all we saw was balls. Welcome to the Big Hump Just Carrie, Just Cynthia, Just Emily, Just Maggie, Just Michelle, Just Peter, Just Sam and Just Tina.

On the AutoHash trail, Lazy Ass spilled the beans that Hoosier and Ruck Me were moving to Portland. 
So back at circle...Me to Dewey Sexual System:  "hey did you hear about Hoosier and Ruck Me?" 
Dewey:  "yeah, they're lesbians"

I'm so sad that we'll be losing our Hoosier Nooner and Ruck Me.  We need a going away party ladies!  And I fully expect everyone at the InterAmerica's hash to vote for Portland for 2013 Interam so we can party with Hoosier and Ruck Me. 
The only reason that yours truly was at this trail was because I remembered how good the food was at the on-after the last time Rudy did his Octoberfest trail.  FML!
All in all it was just another shitty hash that I'm glad I attended.
Read on for more from Whiney Bitch....

Thanks to:

Just Carrie, for walking with my lame (separated shoulder) ass, all-the-way!

And The HARES; Rudy and Tigs set a great trail in the South City that was a pavement pounding, German Beer, gun shooting, shank finding, cop encountering, Stinky Sweeping TRAIL! ...though JC and I saw:

Many endless streets in the South City HOOD with alot of active natives on the porches, in the yards and on the streets.

NO GERMAN BEER at the Beer Stop(for yous)...
We took the fridge beer lottery and I lost with a 4YR Old Bud Select that Stunk

AND there was a GUN Shooting and Murder the Cop told us as he had a young black man pinned to the sidewalk looking at us "like why is this White Couple in this Hood" and then started giving us a Lecture about the Murder and "Don't be Here" and "are you going to Meramec Street?" (he apparentently ran into some earlier Hashers and knew our destination And that we were in the same parking lot as the Police Party going on at Gretchen's Inn, the same paking lot as the Feasting Fox)...

all this PoPo Action as we were hurriedly walking past with my quite visible arm sling that I just stached my beer in and the little hand shank from a broken saw blade I just picked up a block ago; and we were the only light colored people within at least a ten block radius with various groups of mostly young black people playing and talking on phones and having conversations and porch sitting with their kids and asking "what are you running for?" and instead of just saying "beer" I first said in a stupid Winey way, "we are not walking" and then quiockly said "For Beer, see the dots and chalk" and Big Momma responded "can anyone drink?" and I said "Sure" as we kept waling briskly past.

Thanks Also to STICK PALM for finally sweeping us DFL's about three blocks from the finish. Where were you before the shooting murder, questioning SC natives and Cops? I guess you sweep-saved the bulk of the pack and left the expendable FRB's to fend for themselves in the very busy night in the HOOD.

That was probably a good idea with all the Juicy Virgins we Paraded through the Hood, AND I had The Virgin Just Carrie, as my partner (and a mighty fine partner she was). I looked too pittyful to attack, and The VJC looked and is quite capable...of talking her way into and out of any confrontational situation. The VJC looks like she might have a move or two. Quite schooled, The VJC is Very Interesting and Experienced...If You Know Whaat I Mean? she gave my much naming fodder, but I'll let her tell you...


THANKS to the "5-0 CARDS WOOT!" Sidewalk Chalk Artist, and the "7-0 CARDS" update. CARPENTER was brilliant in a must win, show-em your stuff, shutout baseball game as he always is and with a Victorious Month of "Do Or Die" Playoff Baseball under thier belts, the CARDINALS CAN WIN the World Series in 2011!

Thanks to the FRB's or whom ever had the chalk for marking the checks for our sorry slow asses...

And the HARES for having a HOOD HASH with many hash marks that JC and I only got off trail once, maybe twice; and Great German Beer and Food at the On After.(Luckily not "everafter")

And the Feasting Fox for finding the Cardinals Game on the little TV in the sky loft.(that was the only TV)

All in All it was another shitty trail.

On On,


Hares: Fich Me Rudolph & Tig 'Ole Bitties

What to expect: Come join Rudy and the virgin hare, Tig 'Ole Bitties, on a trail featuring German Beers celebrating the German Holiday of Oktoberfest!  For you Ami's and Tommies, Oktoberfest is the traditional beer drinking festival leading up to the first Sunday in October. So, yes- traditionally, you celebrate Oktoberfest in SEPTEMBER.  The beerstop for this hash will feature beers only brewed in Munich.  Oh, and some Zimas. Ok, maybe some non German beers too.

What to bring: headlamp, mp40s (we'll be close to the hood), your beer drinking faces.

Meet at the far left corner of Feasting Fox Parking Lot.  4200 South Grand, 63111.


From North: Take 55S to Bates.  Take a right onto Bates. Take a right onto Grand. Make a right onto Meramec. Make a right into the parking lot.  Go to the far back left corner.  Look for hashers.

From South: Take 55 to Exit 203, Virginia. Make a left off of the exit (Bellerive/Virginia).  Continue on Bates. Take a right onto Grand. Make a right onto Meramec, right into the parking lot. 
Go to the far back left corner.  Look for hashers.

From West:  Get to 44E.  Take 44 to Grand, make a right.  Go down Grand until you reach Meramec. Make a left onto Meramec. Make a right into the parking lot. Look for hashers.

From ILL:  Take 40/64 into MO. Take 55S to Bates.  Take a right onto Bates. Take a right onto Grand. Make a right onto Meramec. Make a right into the parking lot.  Go to the far back left corner.  Look for hashers.

Map Link:

View Larger Map

On After: The Feasting Fox. 

In case you get lost, call Rudy @ 314.971.1159


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