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Saturday 08/06/2011 #956

Just Shanna & F*ck Me Rudolph @ Sylvan Springs County Park - Oakville/Mehlville

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Just Shanna & F*ck Me Rudolf’s Zombie Apocalypse Trail

What you should expect: In no particular order, and experiences may vary: A Trail, Beer, Hard Cider, Men in uniform (or maybe out of those hot, hot uniforms? ;-) ), more Tail...errr, I mean Trail, more beer, lots and lots of shiggy, a sprinkler or two, and if the time is right, a run in with hordes of soldier-zombies from Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

What you should bring: Yourself, zombie fighting accoutrements (just in case), Hash Cash, Shiggy Socks, and Bug Spray (dual purpose - can also be used in self defense against zombies).

Walker/Wheel: We’ll make it happen - you might get a little shiggy with it too.

Start: Getchurbutts to Sylvan Springs Park at 1700 (that’s 5:00 pm for you non military types), Away at 1730ish (translation: 5:30 pm). 

We’ll meet up in the parking lot between Ordinance Shelter and the Skate park... look for the over 21 crowd hanging out around a cooler. I Like Small Children should probably avoid the skate park all together.

D’erections: My squawk box tells me where to go, so I’ll try not to get you lost here:

From the Nord: 

Take I-55 South to Exit 199 (Reavis Barracks Rd), Follow Reavis Bks Rd for almost 2 miles, Turn Right on Telegraph, then Left onto Jefferson Barracks Dr (by the Walgreens and Jack in the Box).  Turn Right on Boundary Drive, if you can read, follow the signs for Ordinance Shelter and/or the Skate Park.

From the South:

Get to I55, go north, probably to 255E, then North on Telegraph.  Turn Right on Sheridan, then Left onto Boundary Rd, follow signs to Ordinance Shelter and/or the Skate Park.

From the East or West: 

IDGAS... figure it out - get to I55 and then follow the option above that looks best. 

Map Link:

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On-After: TBD... Rudy tells me there’s all kinds of good sh*t around here - I have yet to find it, and our standards may vary.

If you get lost, contact Just Shanna @ 410.980.1954    OR     Rudy @ 314.971.1159

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