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Wednesday 03/16/2011 #926

Norman Bates @ ???

Hash Trash:

Congrats Norman for 400!

TRASH...Vago Park (pronounced "vaj-o" as in vagina)is a nice long strip park nestled in the crotch of Maryland Heights and St. Ann. As the pack gathered under the gazebo, the self-proclaimed slowing Norman Bates (getting nervous that he would be caught) was starting chalk talk (CT) until Winey played RA by annoucing the hash start. After a 60 second CT Norman marked a leisurely trail obviously cirlcing around the gazebo and park, but quickly returned for the beer pack he forgot.

On Out...The various Vago trail lengths are listed in feet on-line, so we busted out of the Vago after climing her mounds and stomping through her swampy grass. The pack was soon confused at a tit check (TC) that doubled back to a whichy way. Eventually Postage found marks heading up a steep sidewalk and through a school yard before spilling into and old hilly subdivision. Winey made a few right guesses at some checks and found the BH with no hare at an American Legion Hall P-lot. There was no real BS, since Norman was packing it in. Why the hare wasted so much room in the backpack with a bag of ice we do not know; we just had less beer. :(

The trail then sludged down Fee Fee through an industrial park where the pack scattered. Winey got lost, but found where they print Post D. newspapers. He went around the buildings and found the FRB, DeweySS!, running down the tracks in the bright moonlight. It would have been enjoyable if not for the mother f'in, son of a beechin, crappy ace, ankle bustin uneven RR ties and balast rocks. The tracks and cussin' went on for about 3/4 miles (I measured it) until the pack reached a check, where trail climed up a long subdivision sidewalk. Winey crossed Dorsett on Adie and guessed wrong at a check about a 1/4 mile down a steep hill. By then Locknut, Monistat, Disco Ass and other FRB's blew past the tired old bitch and stopped at a TC. The voiceless TSA checked and sent hand signals to the pack for found trail marks. It was dark (and being old) Winey walked toward TSA to see the hand signals. According to Locknut, Winey feebly spoke "On On" and took off like a bat out of hell. We soon entered Vago again from the backdoor to the On In.

Circle...Fat old Winey sat in a chair for the circle start until badgered into standing. Mother A. sat in the chair due to her possilby fractured pelvis, until she found it to be wet from some unkown liquid. The pack sang a few songs (to the delight or horror of the rubber-necking, deck-squating, laying-in-wait neighbors) and drank a few down downs. Norman Bates finally got his 400th run, being a near charter member of BH4. His first BH4 Hash was BH4#11 before the turn of the century (1999). Our slakin' GM's did not have his ($2,000+) 400th shirt yet, but he did get his crainium band after TSA sloshed it through her top and panties.

This prize hiccup is after not having Wineys 500th prize last week, whatever the f__k it is! In Dewey SS's defense however, she has been about as sharp and regular at attending hashes and running BH4 as a gallon of Metamucil laced with cling-ons and burrs. This is unlike our Co-GM, Plot My G-Spot, that was absent for 26 BH4 Hashes (likely marriage induced), except for Green Dress last week.

For some freaking reason, Winey got Hashit again and there was no plunger to gulp from...only the stinking painted BH4 bedpan. All in all it was another shitty hash.

On-After... The long lost Madam Yuk and Michael appeared at Nuts Bar to greet BH4 and the bald face Dick Smith. We threw some steel tips, listened to Michael's DJness, ate some grub, and threw a few back. The guys john was signed "Nuts" and the girls was labeled "Nutless." Too funny!

On On,


Date: 3-16-2011
Time:  6:30 PM meet, 7:00 PM away
Location:  Vago Park, Maryland Heights, MO
Directions:  From the interchange of I-270 & I-64 (Hwy 40), cranium north on 270 to Dorsett Rd (exit 17), turn right (east) onto Dorsett and continue to Fee Fee Rd, turn left (north) onto Fee Fee and continue to Midland Ave., turn right (east) onto Midland, immediately entering into Vago Park, continue to the back parking lot and look for hashers at the gazebo.  Note:  the park gate closes at 10:00 PM.
On After:  Nuts Bar at Midland & Fee Fee.

Norman Bates

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