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Wednesday 03/02/2011 #923

Popping Peru-Vits Cherry--as told by OCD @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Pop Goes the Cherry!

Voyeurs Wanted!  Come watch PeruVit get skilled by OCD on some fine bush pleasure trail laying. 

Meet at 6:30, hares away 7:00

Thornhill Library
12863 Willowyck Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146-3771

What to expect:
1) Turkey (3+ miles)
2) Eagle Trail (5+ miles) <++++  Great for those "in training"
3) Both trails have "moist" potential
4) Possible mud wrestling

What you need:
1) Cranium Lamp
2) Change of socks/shoes/panties
3) Moist towelette

On After:
13375 Woodchase Plaza
Chesterfield, MO

Drink Specials: 1.50 PBR drafts, 2.50 rails, 3.00 Smirnoff shots, 3.00 premium drafts

Food Specials: (if ordered before 10): 
1.00 mini burgers, 1.00 pig tacos (yes, pig),  5.00 two topping pizzas, 10.00 for 25 wings/pitcher of beer

If lost, call OCD @ 314.368.3898

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