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Wednesday 02/16/2011 #920

DMB, Hummers and Just Stacie @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


So DMBís jonesiní for a hash, and nabbed the trail to keep it in St. Charles! Mwuahahahaha!! Hopefully all this melting snow will leave the river banks nice and muddy. Hummers might come out of hibernation, and itís Just Stacieís virgin hare! And itís going to be like, 80 degrees!

The hottest place to be this Wednesday is Main Street, St. Charles. This trail has everything. Distance, elevation, and Smell-o-Vision. Smell-o-Vision is when you smell what you think is river-funk, then look down to realize youíre standing in a landfill.  There will be wild dogs a-plenty, a multitude of impromptu beer stops, and thousands upon thousands of quilting and knitting shops. Thereís even a hospital nearby for whoever falls on the ice, government buildings for whoever gets arrested (I donít think youíre supposed to swear in bars on Main Street anymore), and giant historical explorers and their dog watching your every move.

Whistles Ė Bring your dam whistles.

Trail is walker-friendly, itíll just take you longer.

Ummm... Thatís about it. Should be pretty well-lit.

Start is the lot behind Trailhead. The little one to the right.

Address to the Boathouse Nearby (this will get you to the main lot Ė weíll be in the smaller lot on to the right of the Boathouse. Same place Whiney always starts...):

1050 S. Riverside Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301

In general, take I-70 to 5th Street (North). Turn RIGHT on Booneís Lick Rd. Drive past Trailhead Restaurant/Brewery, and go straight into the big parking lot. Go right into the side lot and look for hashers.

On-After: Most likely will be The Corner Bar on First Capitol Dr. and 6th St.

ON-ON, Mo-Fos!!


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