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Wednesday 01/26/2011 #916

Locknut Monster, Whiney Bitch and Just Karl @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


CHANGE IN START LOCATION: Please park in the school parking lot- by the park entrance off North Ballas.

BH4 - POLAR BEAR PLUNGE – and (MASS shrinkage) HASH


LockNut Monster

Whiney Bitch

Just Karl


Des Peres Park

Please park in the school parking lot- by the park entrance off North Ballas.

12325 Manchester Road, Des Peres, MO

To get to West County Mall - take North or South 270 getting off at Manchester- at the corner of North Ballas Rd and Manchester is the Park- please park in the school parking lot by the North Ballas park entrance.


What to bring: In general

* Cranium light!!

* Extra socks/shoes – snow equals wet cold feet

Special Giveaway- for all those who partake in the Plunge “jump in”

What to bring: If you plan on partaking in the Polar Bear Plunge Jump (see below)

* PLEASE bring extra clothes!!!

* Blankets- (even if you don’t do it- someone might forget theirs)


Cum to the ANAL, bianal? (acutally biennial) BH4 POLAR BEAR PLUNGE, since last year the Fenton lake was froze over so much we ran on it and listened to it crack. This may be the first (semi) organized Polar Bear Plunge in Missouri, 2011. Facebook (FB), social site city, posts Missouri Polar Bear Plunges from Jan.31 in KC to Feb.27 at Creve Coeur Lake. Many of these are chariable events, clubs or both. There are other polar bear plunges in the US, but none in Missouri (per FB). The Big-Hump Hash House Harriers may be first to have a MO Polar Bear Plunge in 2011.

So the last few BH4 Hashes haven't been cold enough for you to get off your couch? None of that namby pamby 10 to 20 degrees with Below zero deg wind chill for you. It's not cold enough if you have to wait for your beer to freeze. The cooler is just a warm box to keep the "Precious," warm and wet. You want it so cold you have to warm your beer by the fire to thaw it out? This time of year is notoriously the freakin coldest time of the year in MO, so CUM HYPER CHILL YOUR NADS with a frosty plunge into your favorite (water/ice) hole. PRELUBE with warm shots and get ready to take the plunge.

On-After - Chuck's Bar and Grill

If you should get lost or confused from the prelube- call LockNut 314 338-1834

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