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Saturday 12/11/2010 #906

Just Chuck and Ass Licking Prince @ 3rd anal Burning Hare Hash

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


‘More of the Same, but Different’


The 3rd anal Burning Hare will be held Saturday December 11th.  Join the festivities on the brisk banks of the Mighty Mississippi, in the quaint and secure valley of New Piasa Chautauqua. 


DATE: Saturday December 11, 2010


LOCATION: 2 miles downriver from Grafton.  Look for the Lighthouse.  Enter the grounds, go through the gate, follow the main road, the creek will be on your left.  At the ‘Y’ in the road, stay to your left, cross the bridge onto Springfield Ave, and look for the ‘Barge Inn’.  A firepit will be burning in front.  Park all along Springfield.




Once you enter the valley, things will look the same, but different.


Hashers will encircle Burning Hare to witness its destruction. Here, for the very first time, an entire community regards itself. People do this with the reassurance that another Hare, an always slightly different Hare, will rise anew. At the the end of the event, thousands will silently surround a temple dedicated to that strangest and most fearful change of all: the hangover and our ultimate departure from the world. From first to last, Burning Hare has always been more of the same, but different.

Phone service is sketchy, but if questions or you get lost, call ALPO at 314-680-9970.

When driving the River Road from Alton or Fast Eddies, if you get to Grafton you’ve gone too far, and if going from Pere Marquette or Grafton, you get to Alton, you’ve REALLY gone to far, but turn around and come back for a well deserved serenade of ‘Dumbass’!

Warm food and cold drinks will be available after trail. Feel free to bring a side dish or something to snack on on to share!

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