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Saturday 09/25/2010 #890

Dewey, Gladdy and G-Spot's Lebowski Hash @ ???

Hash Trash:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net


SPECIAL START TIME!!! Meet at 4:30 Away at 5:30!!!

Come celebrate his Dudeness(or Duder or El Duderino) with us in the parlance of our times this Saturday at the 2nd Annual Big Hump Lebowski Hash. Did you notice the special start time? That's because we'll be drinking White Russians and taking it easy for all those sinners out there. We will have plenty of Caucasians, Oat Sodas, and Sasparillas for all to enjoy. Well, except Nihilists though. They believe in nothing. This is a themed hash so costumes are encouraged with special prizes on trail and prizes to the best dressed. If you haven't seen the movie,  I highly recommend it so this hash, and my drunken blatherings, will make sense to you. If you haven't
seen it, then no big deal. Just come dressed as a 1800s British Soldier like I Feel Tower did the last time. The beauty of this hash is it's simplicity. Show up, drink, run, drink, bowl, break into the ROTC, what have you. I wouldn't hold out much hope for Dewey peeing on the rug again though, or the Creedence.


From MO Take I-64/40 East to Brentwood exit. Go North on Brentwood and take a right on Clayton Road.
Tropicana is on your immediate right. Look for hashers.

Take I-170 South to Brentwood Exit. Take a left on Clayton Road and a right into Tropicana Lanes. Look for hashers in the back.

From IL Cross the Mississippi and stay on I-64/40. Take the Brentwood Exit near I-170. Go North on Brentwood and take a right on Clayton Road. Tropicana on your immediate right. Look for hashers.

On After Location:
Tropicana Lanes Bowling, Trivia Contest, Screening of the movie, Debauchery, Prizes, What have you.

In case you get lost or need further directions you may contact GladHeAteHer at (618)406-7684. G-Spot at (618) 973-9091 or Dewey at (618 )795-5305. But only contact G-Spot if it's an emergency. She's not supposed to pick up the phone on Shabbos.

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