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Wednesday 08/11/2010 #879

Diggity Squared @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Diggity Diggity and Just Andrea’s
Everybody wants to be an Archaeologist Hash
With the help of our beautiful assistants Dewey and OCD!
This hash is for all of you who dreamed of digging in the dirt when they were growing up.  And for all of you who have a fetish for Lara Croft and Indiana Jones.
As many of you know, we are archaeologists… so we have decided to have our trail running through the beautiful (drum roll, please) CEMETERIES of St. Louis.
For this hash, there will be no talk of dinosaurs, golden treasures, or Indian Princesses.  Instead, you will encounter coprolites and by the end of the night you might find yourself flintknapping, or even chinking (seriously, how many of you just googled those words?).
In order to be fully prepared for this hash, we would like you to bring:

*A trowel
*A toothbrush
*A flashlight
*A fedora
*A whip
*The Holy Grail

If you are still feeling unprepared, please spend the next few days watching all of the Indiana Jones, Tomb Raiders, and Mummy movies.
The best-dressed archaeologist will receive a prize, if you are lucky it may even be a real dinosaur (yes, Lucy and Just Kate, that is what archaeology is all about).
So we ask, CAN YOU DIG IT?
What you need:
        *Swimwear (how can we pass up a dip in River Des Peres)
        * The aforementioned archaeological gear
        *Presents for the hares (Just Andrea will tell you the location of on-afters for the price of one piece of jewelry, whereas Diggity can be bought with baked goods, preferably cheescake)
        *Money for pizza (We will be picking up Papa John’s pizza on the way to the bar)
        *This is an A-to-A trail (unless you fell for the jewelry and baked goods)
        *It will be wheel chair and walker friendly (sadly, there may be less beer on those trails)
Circle Location:
        Willmore Park located just north of the intersection of Des Peres Parkway and Gravois Ave.
On Afters: (yes, On Afters! It is my hash, I will call it what I want)
        Weber's Bar located at 6632 Macklind Avenue, St Louis, MO 63109-3757
        $10.00 buckets, $2.25 beers, $1.00 shots
If you get lost feel free to contact Diggity at 520.907.1304

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