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Wednesday 11/25/2009 #824

PMS & Mother Theresa @ Lampshade Hash!

Hash Trash:

It was Skanksgiving in the beautiful Loop of St. Louis.  A fitting location for the group of Wankers who braved the cold and wind to circle up in the Ass lot of Cicero's.  It was a perfect setting for the anal Lamp Shade Hash.  There were many choices and temptations for Pre-Lubing and celebrations.


Postage circled us up, blessed the Hares and sent the two able and willing Midgets on their way.  The Lamp Shades were worn with pride in many varieties.  From the overcompensating CliffBangHer and his Mad Hatter Shade to the Gay Pink Fez of Burninng Asshole, to the High Beams of Just Chris, another memorable trail was on it's way.


We craniumed out in pairs and groups, some running, some walking, and some like Whiney, in a perpetual shuffle/bitch locomotion.  The trail was scenic, interesting, and full of holiday revelers enjoying the sights, sounds and libations of the Loop.


A well placed Turkey Eagle split, seperated the more ambitious hashers from those of us out for holiday stroll.  The walkers enjoyed a memorable trail, filled with twists, turns and a memorable Five Dotter(Thank you SeesHer).


The beer stop was well placed, well stocked, and well attended, at the lovely Madam Yucks flat, although she was strangely absent.  After all the beer was drunk, any malingering Virgins molested, we craniumed out, for what turned into another confusing and challenging trail.


The Hares confounded us with twists, turns, checks and BJ's until we faced one last obstacle.  How those two Midgets climbed a wall I'll never know.  It had to be divine intervention, which makes sense, since Mother Theresa was coharing.


The Hashers finally found the circle again, one and all.  Despite the chill, a thorough, and 'windy' circle was RA'd by our dependable viking/Postage Tramp.  Down-Down's were drunk, hymns were sung, and hash shit was nominated and awarded.  "Boomerang" Lizzardo was the lucky victim for his Organ Donor status.  Does anyone know or care, which organ he offered up?  I heard and recorded nothing after, "and he shit himself!"


We welcomed guests(PackHerAss, and Tampa) celebrated Asses, FSAS, and recognized voluptuous body parts(Bozo, PackHer).  Announcements were made, higher math was practiced(December 32nd?), and we Swung Low!


All in All just another Shitty Trail!  Happy Holidays to All, Good Cheer, and Good Times.  And if you can't enjoy that, Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants, and slide on the ice.



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