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Wednesday 05/12/1999 #8

Hostitute & Dabadoo at Hooters @ Maryland Heights

Hash Trash:

Over-The-Hump H3
Run # 8

Wednesday, May 12th
Hare: Hostitute & Dabadoo Show
Location: Hooters, at West Port
Maryland Heights, MO

Attending Hashers: Dabadoo, Hostitute, Fifties, Running Nose, St. Auggies Boy, Buttsucker

Weather: Part I: Rainy, Part II: Just Wet

The weather really sucked.   It rained off and on all day.  Sometimes it even poured (when the thunderstorms passed by).  Hostitute and I didnít think anybody would even show up, but they did, so we got together and hared it.

While collecting hash contributions, (normally $4.00) St. Auggies Boy elected to contribute an extra six bucks to help support this web page.  He also donated all the hash beer for this run plus some.  Thanks SAB!  Youíre a trooper.

During part I of the trail it was still raining, so Hostitute set a dead hare trail up and down multi-leveled, covered balconies of the three motel buildings directly next to Hooters.  One of the checks even led the pack into an elevator, where true trail continued on the next level up (a really cool idea, and everyone kept pretty much dry).  After that, the trail led back to the beginning where the beer truck was parked for a beer stop.  The back door of my van acted as a small roof to keep the rain off of us.

By the time we got to the beer stop though, it had pretty much stopped raining, so I volunteered to set Part II of the trail; which was to be live.  To my surprise, I didnít even get caught.  Pretty good for not really knowing where I was going (except for the end of course).

The end was at a vacant lot near Bajaís Restaurant, currently closed/under renovation.  Fifties, who hobbled through Part I of the trail, agreed to drive the beer truck to the end of Part II for us (heís still recovering from a broken leg (or was it his ankle).  Anyways, thanks Fifties!

At the circle, Hostitute and myself did the customary hare down downs.  Then Running Nose drank for being the FRB.  Buttsucker and St. Auggies Boy were then recognized and drank for being virgins to the Over The Hump Hash.  Running Nose drank again for being a back slider (for not attending the last 2 or 3 runs).  And then finally, Fifties drank again for having his birthday this month.

There were several nominations for the hash shit award (a pair of womenís panties that must be worn on the outside of your clothes), but we all agreed that none of them were strong enough to warrant it.  Since Hostitute was nominated again, we decided to just let her keep it again.

We actually cut things a little short due to a pending family emergency we had to attend to, but directed the rest of the pack over to the nearby Juke Box nightclub (at least I think thatís what it was called) for the $1.00 buffet they were offering.  Hope it was good/canít beat the price!

On On

The Hostitute &
Dabadoo Show

Check back in a week or so for some pictures.


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