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Wednesday 12/31/2008 #755

PMS & Ricky's Crab Shack & OCD @ Happy New Year!!!

Hash Trash:

I wrote down lots of funny things that happened, but we pre-lubed at the snack bar and I can't really read my writing…here are the highlights:


Just Tim was interrogated and named Tic Cock Bloody Clock, and henceforth, if you say it incorrectly, you will be punished…er, rewarded with Down Downs.


Orgy Cum Dumpster and Ricky's Crab Shack set a very careful and craftily executed trail around Forest Park. It was the shortest and longest run ever. The racists who took the eagle tail kept us waiting for at least two hours at the beer stop, and Ricky's Crab Shack yelled at us for running the turkey the trail. Apparently we were supposed to walk it? I heard the eagles got into a sword fight on trail, during the circle jerk around the Art museum, but I wasn't there, so I dunno.


During the two hours we waited at the beer stop, we checked out the dinosaurs. One of them was very horny. We huddled for warmth and crabbed about the cold, drank more beer and planned a mutiny. Right about then, the hares told us to take off and get circle warmed up for them.


We headed down the bike path and after GladHeAter, Just Cameron was FRB into circle, JC probably would have tried harder if he was old enough to drink the beer. After waiting another two hours in the freezing cold for the hares and racists to get back, we starting looking for ways to keep warm. We couldn't find any blow jobs on trail, so everyone paired up in their cars to stay busy until the runners returned. We tried for the Guinness World record, but were only able to fit 4 people in BA's truck. I must admit, I left for more plush accommodations when Sexorcist offered his heated seats. 2 Fuck Canuck went to work his Canadian magic on the jailbait around the fire pit at the skating rink.


Eventually, the hares and missing hounds returned and we had circle. The virgins told jokes and showed hidden body parts and Gladdy kept walking in front of my camera every time I tried to take a picture. Ricky's Crab Shack and Locknut Monster received 10 run bands for their 100 runs. Copped and Fingered received the Hashit, but I don't remember for what. Then we went to the snack bar and stole beer, appetizers and party favors.


I think OCD enjoyed having her cherry popped…

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