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Tuesday 12/23/2008 #753

Meta Arsehole & Ricky's Crab Shack @ Xmas Pub Crawl - Soulard

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Venue: Because Wednesday this week is Christmas Eve, we are moving hash # 753 to Tuesday.  This is the last chance for many people to blow off steam (and maybe blow your fellow hashers) before all the Christmas festivities/pain in the arsehole-ness with family and semi-loved ones.  Also, HoLateral and I did the math, there are 78 total Big Hump hashes in 2008, so this one will be #76.  That doesn't mean anything...just a factoid.  Your hares for this Christmas Pub Crawl will be Meta Arsehole and Ricky's Crab Shack, so obviously it will be in Soulard, the best neighborhood in all the St. Louis metro area.
Hehehe...I said semi...I think I have one of those now
And no O.C.D., you do NOT have to be a Christian to enjoy Christmas Spirit...or any spirits for that matter.  I'm particularly fond of Canadian whiskey this time of year....sorry, tangent. 
Walkers trail: um, yes ...for everyone
Wheel friendly: yes, but if you show up on a Segway, I'll personally kick your ass
Dog friendly: um, no
Kid friendly: definitely not...my hope is that it's not even friendly to respectable adults
Metro link: you could take Metro to one of the downtown stops if you wanted...the Kiel Center stop is probably closest, about 2 miles away...I ain't driving your ass back there later that night though
This hash will be a pub crawl!  That means the following (for all the newbies):
-no hash cash collected (although you will still get a run credit)
-civvie clothes...anyone who shows up in racist attire will have to stand in a corner all night with 5 Bucks, 5 Bucks, 5 Bucks
-pay on your own as you go...bring whatever cash you think you might need to drink and eat all night long
Also, for this particular pub crawl:
-must wear a santa hat of some kind ...creativity and freakiness encouraged
-if you are not wearing a santa hat, you better be a harriette, and you better have some cleavage and you better damn well be showing some of it...that's the ONLY exception allowed
-we will do a blind / secret santa gift exchange type thing ...bring a gift-wrapped item to put in the pile...doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive, hell it doesn't even have to be something you buy, it doesn't have to be new (used porn is fine, as long as there's no stains...however, used sex toys are frowned upon), it can even be a "favor card" like "the owner of this card entitled to one free car wash by <insert name here>" ....be creative....and perverted, perverted is always good...so in the example stated previously, you could add "in the nude" and that would be a great gift exchange item
-we'll do the gift exchange at some point in the night when we are all starting to get loopy, but prior to being tanked ...the hares will call this one by ear, unless we change our minds and set a time and place...procedure for gift exchange will be made up as we go along, I've done this 2 years in a row and learned that the fewer the rules to gift exchange the happier everyone turns out to be
-here's the rough schedule of locations ...this is subject to change based on feedback from bar owners and possibly on the whims of the hares....but you are not going to go wrong finding a parking space somewhere around the intersection of Russell and Menard....we'll start at McGurks at 6:30 which is located at the corner of 12th and Russell.
Pub crawl schedule for the 23rd:
6:30 - McGurks
7:30 - Nadines
8:00 - Grizzly Bear
9:00 - Molly's
10:00 - Hammerstones
11:00 - Johnny's
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Directions from MO:
Directions from IL:
If you get lost or need, er, ASSistance, please call Ricky (618-972-4900) or Meta (314-393-2072). They like giving ASSistance.
~Merry Fukkin Christmas! Would you like some sammiches?

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