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Saturday 08/09/2008 #725

Bungle in the Jungle VII @ ???

Hash Trash:

Mad props to Big Hump for what was my first ever Big Hump Bungle in
the Jungle and especially those who put so much hard work into
pulling off such a great event like Cliffy, PMS, Postage, Sexorcist
and many, many others too numerous to list here! AWESOME TIME!!!

If as the US Naval Observatory's long-term forecasts predict next
year both the Downtown Chicago and South Side Irish Parades land on
the same day as Green Dress next year, Bungle might have to become my
main Big Hump roadtrip in '09!

The roughly 500 Bungle '08 Fujirazzi pix are now up in three albums
in the usual place, Kodak EasyShare Gallery
as well as Flickr which is linked to our website, Chicagohash.com.
Note the newest albums are now at the top of the page so no more
scrolling down unless you want to see what we did in January!

Some of Fuji's takeaways from Bungle 2008.

- Excellent work by the RA's for the spectacular weather - this time
of the year and that far South it can be slightly cooler than the
surface of the sun. I have been on canoe trips before where it's so
hot that you're deliberately capsizing your own boat just to go in
the drink!

- Speaking of South seven hours is a death march marathon for a
drive. If ya wanna drive 1-1/2 hours somewhere, ever consider heading
NORTH??? - please note we have rivers and campgrounds in Illinois too!

- As far as the Fuji "Hey Look At Me" Award for fearlessly
(shamelessly) throwing yourself deliberately into harm's way in front
of the camera,

++> Friday has to go to Chicago's own Rotten Whore, with a strong
second place showing by DMB (who was also busy dropping her stack of
nametags, ensuring they're completely not in alphabetical order) even
Hummers had her usual full weekend bag limit by 8pm Friday night!
++> Saturday has to go the rookie Celery (do not let that name fool
you, C-4 or maybe Nitro Gylcerin might have been more fitting) for
that open field tackle on Packher Ass in spaghetti wrasslin' and
subsequent take down. Packher is not someone to be trifled with so
that was some good work.
++> Sunday should have been a shoo-in for Rotten reclaiming her title
until this Celery person took her four wheeler straight through the
firepit (with passenger on board) getting some major air under it as
one of the rocks around the pit was a small boulder. I really thought
she was gonna roll that thing! Nothing says "hey look at me" like
attempted suicide, redneck-style.

- 200lbs (dry uncooked weight) of spaghetti was probably a bit much.
Just ask the Sunday morning cleanup crew (the first few pix on my
Sunday album). You could probably get away with half that.

- Whoever brought those LED chaser christmas lights that were on the
beer wagon please email me off board where you got those. I'm always
looking for more bling for Party Central.

- Don't forget to disinfect any surface that was touched by Boner
Malfunction with chlorine bleach. Pine Sol or dish soap won't cut it.

- My college PR of 48 seconds for a keg stand really isn't much to
write home about when you see some chick blow that record away on her
first try. I wasn't officially timing it but it had to be well over a

- Ziploc bags are about 98% effective as a waterproof housing for a
digital camera. That last 2% will kill you tho.

- If you're gonna bring Yeungling to a Big Hump hash, be sure to hide
it like you're trying smuggle dope in from Mexico. Otherwise PMS will
find it.



7th Annual Campout and Float Trip weekend.
About 1 1/2 hours outside of St. Louis, Missouri.
Bird's Nest is at 2365 Bass Rd.
Cuba, MO 65453
Maplink to Campsite: Maplink

Directions to Campground:

Take I-44 west to the Cuba - exit #208  (approx. 1 1/2 hours from downtown)
Turn on Highway 19 South for 3 miles to Bird's Nest Road  (Look for On-On Arrow signs)
Turn left on Bird's Nest Road.  There's a big Canoe at this road.

Continue 2 miles to Bird's Nest Campground.
If you're bunking in the house, pull in the carport driveway.
Otherwise pull in on the dirt road.


Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999