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Wednesday 04/30/2008 #703

MisManagement Elections @ ???

Hash Trash:

The pack showed up at about 6:30 at Tropicana lanes for 2008 Mismanagement elections.  Not believing the hares' notes about it being a jeans friendly hash, about half of the pack showed up in running clothes.  The hares would never lie to us would they?  And just who were the hares anyway?  No one said anything about a trail tonight.  As it turned out Cliffbangher decided to deflower Stink Palm's hare status and they led us in a rousing chalk talk full of Nurse Hashshit colored chalk and marks that resembled round mounds of pleasure.  Fast polyester hashers and hashshit recipients were honored and everyone sang and drank before giving the hares a 15 minute cranium start.  This seemed strange since we were only having a token trail around the Tropicana.  With not much beer left after the start(fucking shitty Beermeisters), a run was made by Lock Nut Monster to replenish the well.  Several hashers stayed behind instead of running to make sure no one stole the coolers.  I wish I was one of them.  Instead, I walked along the trail that seemed to go farther and farther away from our start.  This started to worry some hashers.  We followed trail through streets, medieval neighborhoods, and through a beautifully landscaped Clayton business plaza.  The sound of running water was too much for Nurse Hashshit to take and she placed her tushy over the edge of the waterfall to add some color.  This came to some surprise to the lone non-hasher sitting at a table across the pond about 30 yards away.  Nurse was kind enough to wave.  On and On we trekked through alleys and overpasses, all the time wondering where the beer stop was going to be.  Little did we know that the hares decided not to have a beer stop on trail and instead decided to just walk us in a giant loop around Clayton before taking us back to the start.  Shitballs!  Well, at least there would be beer back at the start right?  Well, not really.  The wankers who stayed behind drank it all!!  Can't blame them though.  Beer is good.  Even shitty beer has it's qualities.  Before another beer run could be made though, we circled up and made due with what we had.  Postage Tramp promised the shortest circle ever and only called in two groups.  The Beermeisters were called for not bringing enough beer and were forced to down down with water.  Follow The Urine Trail protested the foul beerless taste of water by dumping the whole bottle on his cranium.  Frozen Cum Shot's virgin Just Denise was called in and told us that she hates jokes and can't sing.  Hooray for Boobies!!  In true hasher fashion, she then slammed her whole beer.  The hares then got hashshit for not providing beer at the beer stop and then everyone swang low and went inside to go vote in eLections.


Once inside the Tropicana bowling alley bar, everyone gathered and eagerly awaited ballots.  We drank buckets of beer and ate giant Pointasaurus pizzas before starting the elections.  I won't list the results here since they were already put on the page by Cliffbangher, but to sum it up, some people won and some people didn't.  Congrats to everyone who won and thanks to 2007 Mismanagement for a great hashing year.  See the About Us/Mismanagement page for the new positions.  Also I heard some rumor about hashers getting kicked out for having coitus on one of the ball returns?  Was that true or was I just that wasted?  Hummers Para Libre also said butt plug like a hundred times for no reason at all.  She'll make a great Hash Harlot!  On-Out!



From Cliff: Thank you everyone for coming out and voting!

Mismangament Erection Results

GM - Cliff BangHer
Co-GM - Purple Muffin Stuffin'
RA - GladHeAteHer
Co-RA - Meta Areshole
Co-RA - Postage Tramp
Webmeister(s) - Cliff BangHer and PMS
Hare Raiser - Dewey Sexual System
Hash Cash - Burning Asshole
Backup Hash Cash - Ricky's Crab Shack
On- Sec - Plot My G-Spot
Haberdasher - Pee's Like a Princess
Beermeisters - Meta, Glady, 2FCanuck, Nurse Hashit, Lock Nut, Little Spoon, Burning Asshole
New Hash Harlot - Hummer Para Libre
New Hash Flash - Help me I'm Wet, Just Joe
Best Trail - #700 Battle Hash
Best Beer Stop - #700 Battle Hash
Best On-After - The Hideout in Granite after G-Spot's and Jack Rabbit's Trail


It'll be a Jeans friendly hash (we promise)!

We'll be at Tropicana Lanes again this year and we'll have Pointer's Pizza again.

COME OUT TO VOTE!!!!! It's your hasher duty!!!

For a list of Mismanagement positions and who currently holds these positions - Click here

Click here for Map

From the West:
Get yourself to Clayton Road and go east.  Tropicana will be on Clayton Road on your right just past the Galleria.  If you reach Hanley Road, you've gone to far, check back to Tropicana at the huge Tropicana Lanes sign. Look for hashers in the parking lot.

Take 64/40 west to the Hanley Road
 exit, exit 32B. Turn right at Hanley.  Turn left at Clayton Road. Tropicana Lanes will be on your left at the huge Tropicana Lanes sign. Look for hashers in the parking lot.

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