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Saturday 01/26/2008 #680

Pees Like a Princess &Cliff BangHer Birthday Trail @ ???

Nobody has written the Hash Trash yet...WHY ARE WE WAITING!?!?!


Cliff BangHer and Princess were born this day! (boooooo!)

The start location is a parking lot off Market Street.

Google Maps Link

Eastbound 40/64 Take Market Exit. Stay to the right and go straight and you'll be at a parking lot with a 1 story building. Look for hashers.

Westbound 40/64: Take the 18th Street exit.  Go left at Market. Turn left on Compton. And an immediate right onto Spruce. Go down Spruce and bear left onto S Theresa You'll see hashers in the lot on the left.

On-After:  ???? Humphrey's on the corner of Spring and Laclede.

If you get lost, call Cliff BangHer 314 324 1964.

Pre-Lube: Meta and Ricky and some other folks are meeting at the Taste of Soulard. Check the Yahoo groups for more info.

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