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Wednesday 11/14/2007 #665

2 F%#k, CliffBangHer, & Peemis - TOGA Hash @ Toga, Toga, Toga....Central West End / Barnes Jewish Hospital

Hash Trash:

BH3 reconvened at the Newstead/Duncan parking lot by Barnes, with one very important element missing—those 2 hashers attached at the jaw from the last BJC hash we had! No, I am not talking about Fuck me Pumps and Cum it Out—raise your hand if you remember which 2 I’m talking about?  Their names escape me, they never separated faces long enough for me to introduce myself.   


However, we did have toga’s—boy oh boy did we have toga’s—we had a Caesar there, I mistook him for Jesus, oops!  And Jack Rabbit Slim forgot that toga’s are usually not hot, and she resembled a supermodel—or GODDESS as her Bar Louie cop claimed- in her get-up.  Oh wait so did G-Spot, Nurse Hashit, and Shut the F*&# up Tyrone,  MMMM her’s always a supermodel.  And lots and lots of grown men w/ huge colorful playful cartoon characters all over their bedsheet togas-I don’t remember which guys, I know Mama’s Ass Porn, Meta, and Sexorcist were sporting the Alfs, Elmo’s, and oh yeah Just Katie had some Sponge Bob on. 


So we meat-or Met at the start, and admired each other’s toga’s—by the way, amount of groping is multiplied expodentially when toga’s are involved—so that was fun.  Little Spoon was looking adorable sporting shiggy on his head for his farewell hash.  We will miss you SOOOOOOO much!!!  But you will be back before we can say Alf Toga.


Then we were off after drinking lots of beer and after some partying hashers showed up after getting way tipsy at Laclede’s Street.  Shut the F*^* up Tyrone, Crystal Meth Eliot, Just Lynn, and Just Foster came to support their city hash; I’m sure there were other backsliders, but since I’m one myself, I can’t really point elbows.  We ran for a while-and ran and ran and ran.  Everyone had given up finding trail and figured there were no beer stops on this; people were literally tripping over themselves to find trail and beer stops—Mama’s ass porn, D Squirrel ( I think ,correct me if I’m wrong, memory is a bit fuzzy), Keyless (yeah me), and GladHeAteHer—trippin’. 


We finally found the beer stop, Mother Teresa & Jesus were FRB’s!!  I mean Ho-lateral—er…Caesar-whatever.  We drank for like 3 hours then were off again.  FiddleHer would have been FRB but he was helping fight lead-pipe-beatings in the neighborhood. 


We got to the end of trail some time later, and learned that GladHeAteHer got fed up not finding any flour anywhere, and after chucking  his flashlight across 3 highways in a drunken rage, discovered trail shining under his light.  Miracles happen when you sport a toga.


Mother Teresa, Jesus, Postage, and Just mATT were FRB’s to the end!  It was a blessed night.  They drank, about 83 people came in circle for backsliding, someone got 69 runs—was it Sexorcist I think?  Shut the f*^( Up Tyrone got 20 I think, and some other people got significant runs.  Everyone was very excited to officially bestow Just Lynn w/ her new hash name, but she vanished w/ Just Foster so we will have to wait.  Just Matt O brought his sister Just Katie to the hash—please Cum again!!  Dos Hixxies was lookin good, Duzzy vanished during circle, Gladdy got hashshit I think, G Spot got hashshit for not ever finding beer stops, and Crystal MEth Elliot almost got hashshit for doing crystal meth in his car instead of hashing.  On-after was at Tom’s which was very fun, we had Just Rebecca and Sextra Credit join us for some debauchery.  Always a pleasure ladies. 


It was just another shitty trail, great toga times had by all.  Have fun in Toronto BH3 group, and Little Spoon, we love you and will miss u!!! 


Get your Togas out!

We'll be starting from 4350 Duncan, 63110.

Stroller/Wheel Friendly: Yes
Metro Link: Yes! “Central West End” is about two blocks West of the start.
Map Link: 4350 Duncan, St. Louis, MO 63110 (Corner of Duncan & Newstead)




From MO:
Get yourself to I-64/40 heading East. Take the Kingshighway North Exit (keep to the right on the off ramp) and go past Barnes Jewsih Hospital. Take a right onto Forest Park Parkway and take it down to Newstead. Take a right on Newstead, an immediate left on Duncan and then turn right into the Clean City Squares Parking Lot.
From I-44. Take Kingshighway to Forest Park Parkway. Follow MO directions above.

From IL/Downtown:
Get yourself to Poplar St. Bridge/I-64/40 heading West. Keep going a few miles until you hit the Forest Park/Grand Exit. Take the Forest Park exit and follow it down a couple of miles or so until you hit Newstead. Take a left on Newstead, a left on Duncan, and then turn right into the Clean City Squares Parking Lot.

On After Location: Tom’s Bar & Grill, 20 S. Euclid (North of Forest Park Parkway)

In case you get lost or need further direction, contact 2F%#kCanuck at 314-304-8692, PMS at 314-221-5411, or CliffBangher at 314-324-1964.

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