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Saturday 10/27/2007 #661

I Feel Tower - Medley of pavement @ Clayton, MO

Hash Trash:

Since this is my virgin hash scribe attempt, I polled the group to give me some of their thoughts and points to ponder.............

As you may all know by now I Feel Tower had the misfortune of meeting the Belleville Po-Po (or the actors from Reno 911...not sure which) on the eve of his virgin Big-Hump Hare........for future reference, here are some things NOT to say to the Po-Po when pre-laying trail

"I left my video camera down by that old broken down, deserted house last weekend when I was hiking with my 11 y/o son" (as he carts 3 coolers and snacks down to said house.) ummm.......can you say "under suspicion??"

Calling a fellow hasher for a character witness and having the Po-Po tell you that said character witness (Halley) didn't know any Walt Moore

Telling the Po-Po that "these handcuffs aren't as fun as the ones I use at home"

Trying to call your wife while she is on the other end of the line with the counter terrorist people.......not good timing

On to the trail..........

* We hashed through an old Queeny trail in Clayton (no wonder the Wanker was FRB.....but he had to wait 15 minutes for the only chick to cum (your's

truly) to the chick check.......Gladdy was busy taking pictures of Pink Chalk (insert Whiney B*tch saying PINK CHALK ON TRAIL.....HOW DO YOU SEE THAT SH*T) and missed the flash from DS as the Clayton Police looked on.........oops Just Nick had the idea to run to the Ritz (weren't the patrons impressed with our outfits!!) As we are running through the more posh side of Clayton, your's truly exclaimed "what's a Plazain Clayton"???? only to be told 'dumbass, that's Plaza In Clayton.........who knew?

We ran and ran and ran, then ran into a BC!!!! and then another BC!!!! it wasn't tough to figure that mark out as the board we ran over almost cracked in half and the cars doing 80 to our left almost ran us over. Soon we saw BN (there was much rejoicing) only to discover that it was a huge circle jerk and we ended up back where we started with many, many beers awaiting us......shelter, indoor plumbing......it was divine.

Things you learn about your fellow hashers at the on-after For all that love the nippleage......try to guess just whose nipple that is (ehhhemm.....not a chick) G-Spot was handcuffed while babysitting It takes approximately 3 coolers to transport body parts (we learned the torso takes up the most space) Gladdy was hitting on some random guy at the bar showing off his "boots"

We learned that I-Feel likes the handcuffs at home much better than the ones used at the police station.

Meta is going to hang with Wayne Gretzky in hopes to fondle.....er I mean.....meet Gretzky's wife (the volupuous Janet Jones) Jack Rabbit has issues with champagne?

Pornogenic once used her hands to clean up somebody else's puke...............oyy DS is a dumba$$ for a) flashing while the Clayton Po-Po are in the parking lot behind her, and b) for not realizing the sign said Plaza IN Clayton

All in all just another fun, shitty trail Your humble scribe, DSquirrel


I-Feel Tower, P-Genic and 2nd Cumming

pulling a hare out of my ass hash

7271 Forsyth Blvd U City

TIME:  Saturday, October 27th.  AT @ 5PM IN CASE SOME DON'T
**Please Note 5PM Start time** **NEW LOCATION!!!!**
Hare:  I-Feel Tower,  & 2nd Cumming
Bring: An ID

Metro Stop:  Take the stop for Forsyth and walk 1 1/2 block
east to 7271 Forsyth Blvd


Wheel and Stroller Friendly:  Yes! Butt we're looking at a bar stop or two.


Map Link


Directions From Illinois:

Take I-64 West crossing the Big Muddy
Take the Skinker exit at the western end of Forest Park
Follow Skinker North toward Wash U
Take a Left onto Forsyth Blvd
Go to 7271 on your right and park or park at the Metro
stop 1/10 of a mile further down Forsyth on your right

Direction From points West of St Louis:

Take Ladue East
Take a Right onto Hanley
Take a Left onto Forsyth Blvd
Go under the bridge
Park at 7271 in a block and a half
Or use the Metro Parking near the bridge


On After: We could order pizza here or we're open for suggestions.


In case you get lost, or need further directions, contact I Feel Tower 
@  (804) 614-6363 or 2nd Cumming @ (804) 937-5893 or
Malcolm "Home Alone" @ (314) 769-9922.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999