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Saturday 10/13/2007 #658

Red Meat Rocker & Bama Mate @ Sammy Hagar's Birthday trail.....

Hash Trash:

Hayride Hash     



I filled my car with gas; bought beer; water; food; extra clothes; checked the battery; fluid levels; air in my tires and I was ready to head to Waterloo.  As I arrived the hares were moving the tables into the garage in an effort to avoid the potential for rain.  Their efforts paid off as it turned out to be a beautiful starlit evening.  As the pack straggled in everyone brought fantastic food to share and more beer than it was possible to drink in one evening.  Wait a minute these were hashers; OK they brought enough beer to get us to the 151 rum, Red Hot, wine (store bought and home made) and Buttery Nipples.


Being hashers we quickly started devouring the food.  Along the way there was a vote for best chili.  The green crock pot beat the white crock pot, although as a Texas-ex I have to state for the record that neither entry was technically chili since they both contained beans.  As witnessed by Chili Appreciation Society International, Inc. bylaw A – 2: No Fillers in Chili – Beans, macaroni, rice, hominy or other such similar ingredients are not permitted.  www.chili.org/documents  But since this wasn’t an officially sanctioned chili cook-off I guess we can let it slide (and because they were both really good.)


After the shortest chalk talk in history we boarded the hay wagons and away we went.  As expected there were a lot of winding country roads, Sammy Hagar tunes, a couple of drinking games, way too much information shared, several bottles passed around and a couple of piss stops   We eventually made it to the beer stop which surprise, surprise was a bar.  The hares, Bama and Red Meat Rocker took off with their flour and the pack (at least the ones that ventured out of the bar) followed trail.  The hares ran our legs into bloody stumps.  Mercifully they stopped the punishment after about five miles, I mean blocks.  Regardless the pack was happy to see the end of trail and go inside for yet more beer. 


We piled, jumped, staggered and fell into the wagons to prepare for the second half of trail.  Along the way it got increasingly foggy.  Not atmospherically but mentally.  I remember Flossit pouring Buttery Nipples over her nipples and then asking if someone/anyone wanted to lick it off.  There was much rejoicing.  I remember someone puking in Elbow Deep’s lap.  No one offered to lick it off and there was no rejoicing.  Thanks to the efforts of our long suffering driver Famous we made it back to the start.  I think we blew off naming DFL’s, back sliders, virgins, significant runs; hell I think we blew off the entire circle.


As I rolled out of bed Sunday morning I noticed straw all over my bedroom floor.  I wonder where that came from?  Yet another festive hash that only left me wondering, “Why didn’t I make it to any of the previous year’s hay rides?”




Chili Cook Off Between Famous Anus & Bama Mate

Short trail by Red Meat Rocker & Bama Mate

RAIN OR SHINE - If it rains, we won't have the hayride, but we'll move the chili cook off in doors and party.  Bring some spare change for gambling incase of rainy weather.

Meet:  Famous Anus & Bama Mate's House
6549 Goeddeltown Road
Waterloo, IL

Map Link

RSVP Requested to bamamate@yahoo.com


When:  Saturday, October 13th, Arrive 5:30 to eat.  Wagons leave 7:00 Sharp!
Where:  Our Home
What:  Chili cook off between Famous and Bama - Hayride and TRAIL
WHO:  Bama Mate & Read Meat Rocker will be laying a trail half way through the hay ride in honor of the MAN's birthday - do you have any idea who that would be?
What happens:  We meet at Famous & Bama's house, we eat Famous & Bama's chili (vote for the best chili), drink beer and socialize.  We board the wagons for the hayride (7SHARP!) and load up all the coolers of beer.  We ride on the wagon to the BEER STOP (yes we drink beer while on the wagon, then have a beer stop) @  PT's South.  (really known as Paderborn Tavern)  This year - Red Meat Rocker and Myself will be setting a SHORT trail in honor of Sammy.  We'll have a short circle, then we will cranium back on the wagon heading back to the house.  THEN, we'll light the bon fire....
PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY - WE WILL NOT BE BACK FROM THE HAY RIDE TILL APPROXIMATELY 11:30 or later - for those of you who have to get sitters.
What to bring:  We ask that you DRESS according to the weather!  Bring a lawn chair, and a SMALL side dish as well as your own beverages.  NO BOTTLED BEER ALLOWED on the wagons.  However, feel free to bring a bottle of any liquor you'd like to pass around.  That is the only glass allowed on the wagons.
Please RSVP we are already up to 2 wagons.  Bring a date if you like....
Crash space available if needed, You can get here a little early to set up your beds (Please bring your own sleeping bag/pillow.  There are already several people staying the night.  Breakfast will be served at approximately 8 or 9 am Sunday morning for those who spend the night. 
From MO:  Take I270 South cross over JB Bridge to IL.  Take Route 3 South through Columbia into Waterloo.  By the Applebees/Denny's, make a LEFT onto North Market.  Go through 3 stop lights.  MAKE SURE YOU PASS DAIRY QUEEN and make a LEFT onto Route 156 @ the Wayne's One Stop Gas Station.  Go 2.5 Miles and make a LEFT onto Goeddeltown Road.  Go about 2.8 miles and make a LEFT into the driveway. 
From IL:  Take Hwy 159 South to Floraville Road  Make a Right onto Millstadt-Floraville Road.  Go a couple of miles and make a LEFT onto Leahr Road.  When the road comes to a "T" make a right.  Go a couple of miles, after 2 ninety degree turns, we'll be the first house on the right.

In case you get lost or need further direction, contact Bama Mate @ (618)593-4175.


Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999