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Wednesday 10/03/2007 #656

Duzzy Cum & FeFe & Dos HiXXies virgin lay @ Crestwood, MO

Hash Trash:

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Fill in the blanks and you too can be a hash scribe.  (Answers may be used multiple times.)

While summer continued to hang on the hash enjoyed the warm temperatures and the cold ____.  Hash #656 convened in Sappington, MO.  Circle began promptly at 7:03:09.  While the ____ from last week were honored ____ began chalk talk.  Once  ____ were away several of the pack milled about commenting on the return of ____.

Trail immediately took us behind a building and along a fence.  Once we found the opening we ran through some ____.    On the far side of the parking lot we found a ____.  While the harriettes were checking Lock Nut Monster called On-On to the trailing members of the pack.  Ho’lateral Damage did his best ____ impersonation by hollering at LNM, “Stop shouting On-On, you’re confusing the people checking.”  We eventually found trail and ran down the ____ until we came to a BJ after 9 or 10 dots.  Of course the pack cursed ____.  Once we got our crap together we continued down the ____ until we came to another ____.  Trail took off down a hill until it entered a ____.  Luckily ____ had forewarned us to bring a ____ with us.  We generally milled about until we determined that the trail went up a stream.  After a ____ where ____ discovered another multiple dot BJ we entered the thorn and stick infested ____.  If you thought we cursed ____ before you should have heard us now.  As with everything in life all good things must come to an end and after what seemed like a full mile of ____ we exited the ____.  Thankfully we were only a couple of hundred yards away from the beer stop and a well deserved ice cold ____.

After we had refreshed we continued on the second portion of the trail.  We went up a hill and found a ___ at the top.  The ____ quickly determined the correct direction and were on out.  The rest of us followed and were thankful that through all of the ____, ____ and ____ the _____ had positioned us less than half a mile from the start.  The pack straggled back in and we circled up.  While in circle ____ were honored for a shitty trail.  ____ and ____ drank for their usual crimes.  The evening took an unexpected and welcome turn when ____ flashed those spectacular breastesses.  We haven’t seen a gorgeous sight like that since, well, since ____ flashed last time.  Cleveland Rocks!”  Unfortunately for all of you who were not there ____ who was temporarily in charge of the camera was too stunned to get a photo.  This crime earned him the disrespect of the entire hash and the evenings hash shit.  Just was we were swinging row two very late cummers arrived; Just Greg and ____.  While we were happy to see Just Greg as always, it was the long, tan shapely limbs of ____ that stole the show.  With visions of her FM pumps in our craniums we departed for the on-after.  Since I have a j-o-b I needed to return to the city and left the remainder of the evening to the on-line postings.




A)    The hares

B)     Whiney Bitch

C)    Shiggy

D)    GladHeAteHer

E)     Field

F)     Woods

G)    Postage Tramp

H)    FRB’s

I)       Tunnel

J)       Check

K)    Chick Check

L)     Viper Snatch

M)   Flashlight

N)    Just Carrie

O)    Street

P)     Dewey Sexual System

Q)    Beer

R)     Burning Asshole

S)     Trees

T)     Mosquitoes

U)    Nurse Hashshit

V)    Lost

W)  Cliff BangHer

X)    Found

Y)    DFL’s



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