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Wednesday 09/05/2007 #650

Bama & McGutterslut & W.O/W.O & Malt Licker(P.H.) @ Mc Gutterslut's birthday trail

Hash Trash:

Bama & McGutterslut & W.O/W.O & Malt Licker(P.H.)
Wednesday September 5th 2007 #650 Mc Gutterslut's birthday trail

McGutterslut’s birthday trail was blessed by the R.A.’s when the torrential rains subsided to a lovely drizzle that quickly ended at the prelube.  With a great turnout in Caronde-lay Park , Cliff Bangher decided to use the time wisely to name Just Tim.  Wonderful suggestions abounded, but Jack Rabbit Slim explained the meaning of Rusty Trombone (Tim being an ass lover
), and nothing else would do…So we named him.  Upon hearing his name, Rusty had the best reaction I ever saw…he fell over in the best pratfall ever.  Seems we didn’t have to explain the meaning to him…We knew we had done good.
The pack was away into the dusk.  Walkers and runners alike took the same basic trail from the start…nice to have all of us together, even if it was short-lived.  As the runners split off, some bunnies were led astray by Mudpacker.  The Busch sign was just too tempting to pass up.  Never saw them again until circle.
But the Zenning didn’t end there…Most of the pack took the scenic tour of the river to the beer stop.  It was nice to frolic on the playground together…but the on-out was an issue.  Seems the hares used most of the flour in McGutterslut’s birthday cake, and forgot how to mark trail.  In some quirk of fate, the walkers ended up in front of the runners on a newly minted Zen trail led by Eiffel Tower and Chesticles.  The runners were quickly away, but same Eiffel Tower , with the help of Nurse Hashshit, convinced a second set of hashers to partake of another Busch flaunting establishment, and delightfully cold beers were partaken of.
Help Me I’m Wet exhibited racist behavior in an attempt to beat out Whiney Bitch and Long Duk Dong…she has been bad and must be spanked.
Eventually, the pack met up again at the well lit pavilion.  Well lit that is until someone forgot to pay the electric bill and the most of the lights went out!  Thank G, we had enough light to see the beer coolers.
Pornogenic and Ricky’s Crab Shack finally saw fit to join us and had to drink as late cummers.  Speaking of Pornogenic, imagine her surprise when she gave Dos Hickies her reason to be named in PV thinking she would never see her again…only to discover, in all the world, Dos Hickies is a Big-Humpian.  Surprise!
And Ricky…it is bad enough that you show up in circle late in a silk tie you won’t let us loosen, but then you bring an umbrella with a sharp point around drunk hounds…What were you thinking?  You should be spanked, too.
Dos Hickies, how is it that you are a virgin but already named by the time you get to us?  You should drink for being an over-achiever.  We will admit that getting named Dos Hickies in PV was classic hash behavior….well done.
Other virgins included Just Gen, Just Tom and Read My Lips.  They told hysterical jokes, and sang songs, and almost flashed us…and then we made them drink.
There were no significant runs as someone forgot to update the hash list…oops.  Must a been drunk again.
Bama Mate is entering the first steps of dementia…she attempted to accuse someone in circle but forgot what she was going to say…Don’t worry, we will wipe the drool off your bib when you can’t remember who we are…But please stop typing after your return from trail and sex…your poem was scary.  Friends don’t let friends drink and type.  I will be gluing mittens on you at the next circle so you can’t hit the keys…
2 Fuck Canuck was awarded the Hashshit.  Seems he came upon a harriette he didn’t recognize even though he gave same Hashshit to her the previous week.  Dumbass.
Finally, when announcements were made, Mudpacker, who hadn’t caused enough trouble yet, pants-ed Nurse Hashshit in the middle of her spiel….couldn’t hear what she was saying over the sight of her beautiful buns.  Can someone please remember to give Mudpacker his Ritalin before trail next time?  Elbow Deep in the Breadbox maybe?
Elbow Deep, welcome back from the far east.  Frozen Cum Shot, welcome back from where ever you were.  Meta Arsehole, good to see you gimping along with us.  We missed you all.
All in all, it was just another shitty trail. How fun is it to be a hasher and stay out with your friends in the dark running in the streets!  Yahoo and On On!
Respectfully submitted by your loving hash scribe,
Pi Whole


Carondelet Park  Meet at 6:30. Chalk Talk 6:50. Hares away promptly at 7:00 PM


Come! one, come! all, and if you are one of the first 70 to come, you get a special lanyard tag!!!!
(Actually, if you are one of the first 69 – we promised Disco A$$ we’d save him one!)

Help celebrate McGuttersluts birthday, with cake & icecream & a party hat!!!  And, Wack On Wack Off & Malt Licker (P.H.)'s virgin lays!!!!!!


NOTE:  BRING A FLASHLIGHT!!!!  ALSO - you will need to make sure you use the buddy system for this trail!


Walker/Wheel Friendly:  Maps will be provided
Near Metro Link:  Nope



From DOWNTOWN:  Get on 55 South

Take Loughbourough West (Right)

Make your first Right onto Grand into Carondelet Park

Look for the first pavilion on the Left and Park


From I270 & 40:  Take 270 South

Take 55 North to Loughbourough

Go West on Loughbourough, or LEFT

Go over 55 and make your first Right into the park (Grand)

Look for the first pavilion on the left and Park.


The on after will be at the Hill Top Inn.


In case you get lost or need further direction, contact Bama Mate @ (618)593-4175.

Big Hump Hash House Harriers - St. Louis, Missouri - Established 1999